My last weekend as a preschool teacher

Hello, my bucket list friends! Today is my last day at work before I officially leave the world of child care. Hopefully this the last day I will have to wake up early for awhile. Before my career officially comes to an end I had one more weekend as someone who had to go back to the world of preschool/childcare on Monday morning. This weekend was pretty normal but it was also pretty nice. On Friday after work I went to Safeway to get a few things. My favorite things that I got at Safeway that day are a pack of 24 candy canes and a Christmas cat coloring book. I know it’s October but I can’t help it. I love Christmas! On Saturday I did one of my favorite activities. I went to Starbucks then I went to a park. At the park I made sure to go down the slide! I like the play structure at this park and it was not crowded at all. After the park I went to a local toy store where I got some horse toys, a craft kit, a pop toy, and a bath bomb style toy that has a sea animal toy hidden inside. I should add that the weather was absolutely beautiful. It did get cold later that day but when I was in town it was really nice. After I came home it was a pretty relaxed day overall. My cat got to spend some time outside that is one of his favorite things to do. Later on in the I made a fun video for Instagram it was windy and cold when I made that video so I went back inside right after recording that video. ( You can see the video on my Instagram page my username is summerrockstar)I also spent sometime playing Project Makeover on my phone I love that game. Sunday was a pretty relaxed day as well. I finally decorated the biggest pumpkin that I got at the pumpkin patch earlier this month. The highlight of my day was going on our normal Sunday errands. I got a snack to review at Trader Joe’s, and I got a big cupcake with three rings on top at Safeway! Oh and before all that I went to Starbucks and got an iced coffee. Later that night I watched the Rookie one of my favorite TV shows. It was a pretty nice and easy weekend.

Rock On – Christina Epperly


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