Three day weekend fun!!

Hello,my bucket list friends! Last weekend was a three day weekend for a lot of people including me. It was nice to have a extra day. My weekend started on Friday when I got off work early. I went thrift shopping at Savers. While at Savers I got three Barbie dolls to add to my collection. My favorite one is a mermaid doll. I also got a new Build a Bear. Some of my other finds include a Lisa Frank pencil pouch, two Barbie yo-yos,a Disney hat,a charm bracelet, and a pair of fuzzy socks. On Saturday I went on a walk with my mom and the neighbor’s dog. It was nice to get out and walk. Walking is great for stress relief. I also did a sticker art project that I had been wanting to do for a while. It is a project from this American Girl sticker kit I have. Also on Saturday I got Starbucks and went to Walgreens. Walgreens has some Valentines day items out and I ended up buying a tube of mini skateboards and a tube of pencils from the Valentines day section. I also got a bag of my favorite vegan candy. After all that we went to a family gathering. It was so good to see my sister since I don’t see her as nearly as often as I would like to. On Sunday I went to Starbucks again. When I went to pick up my mobile order, I saw that they had some free frappuccinos! I was so excited! I chose the strawberry one. We also went to Pharmaca where I got some lip balm along with some other things. We went to Safeway too where I got some Kinder Joy eggs. I love that they come with toys. Monday was not a work day and I got to see my friend Amy . We got got coffee and went to the Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree had so many great Valentines day items! It was a great time with a great friend. I love it when I actually get to spend time with friends! On Monday night I took an awesome bath! I used three bath bombs that all had prizes in them. I wish evey Monday was like this one was.

Thanks for reading!!

Rock On- Christina Epperly


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2 thoughts on “Three day weekend fun!!

  1. The charm bracelet and bow in your hair are really cute. I was wondering if your Dollar Tree carries Baby Lips by Maybelline? If so, I recommend stocking up on them because they cost $5-6 each at Walmart. I haven’t been able to find BabyLips at the Dollar Tree(s) in Calgary, AB but for some reason I was able to find them at a Dollar Tree out in the prairies in Estevan, SK, literally in the middle of nowhere 😂😆

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