Surviving the bad days

Hello, bucket list friends! I have found that I really enjoy writing personal blog posts, So I thought I would share with you how I make it through the days when my OCD and anxiety is at a very high level. As with most medical conditions, when you struggle with mental health issues, you have good days and bad days. There are many things that can cause me to have a bad mental health day. Stress is a big culprit it could be anything from a test, to a lack of money, or just having too much to do. Any of those things can cause me to have a bad mental health day. Sometimes I’m just that way for no particular reason. There are days when my brain chemicals just aren’t right and I don’t feel good. There will also be days when my OCD drives me crazy with it’s racing thoughts and even though my medication helps with this problem. There is no way to cure the metal health problems that I have but over time I have learned to manage the bad mental health days. Being aware of what’s going on with me makes all the difference. Just being aware of what happing to me can help me to relax and overcome the negative feelings. Sometimes unfortunately I get caught up in the strong emotions that I’m feeling and I have a very hard time getting myself back to a normal mood. Sometimes It gets frustrating because I’m not sure why it’s all happening. I mean I know I have OCD, anxiety and depression but sometimes I can’t always pinpoint why I’m feeling the way I am. Is it because of mental health or is it because of a lack of sleep or am I truly upset about something? There are different tools I use to help me cope with bad mental health days depending on the situation such as praying, reading, watching TV and making art. Sometimes when I distract myself with the things I love most I can get myself out of a bad mood. Also a self-pep -talk can go a long way. One other thing I do is look back on all the good days I’ve had and look forward to the ones yet to come ! What are some tools you use when you are having a bad mental health day? Let me know in the comments below . Rock on – Christina Epperly


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4 thoughts on “Surviving the bad days

  1. Hey love, I think you are doing an amazing job! You are sharing your truest self here on the internet with others who are struggling as well and find so much hope and courage for their lives in your posts. To me, that’s simply a marvelous gift! Thank you for your incredible honestly and keep up the amazing work!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words ! You also have a wonderful blog . I’m so glad that there are people like us who bring attention to the important topic of mental health !

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