Things I love April 2023

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I know this post is not really on time but that is how life is sometimes! Anyways now, that we are in May I’m getting even more excited for summer to start! However, for now it is time to take a look back at the things I loved in April 2023.

Shopping at the Dollar Tree – It had been a while since I had gotten to go to the Dollar Tree. I was happy that I got to go there this month. ( You can read about it HERE)

Art – I had a fun time expressing myself with art this month! ( You can read about one of my art projects HERE. )

Instacart and Uber eats – I got deliveries from Instacart and Uber eats this month. I love how they have a great selection of items not just food. ( You can read about it HERE and HERE )

Celebrating Easter – Even though I was at home on Easter I still had a good time celebrating! ( You can read about it HERE )

My favorite local thrift store – I went to my favorite local thrift shop serval times this month ! I got some great items for my collection. ( You can read about some of it HERE and HERE )

Buying Easter items on sale – After Easter I found some fun Easter items that were on sale at great prices! ( You can read about it HERE and HERE)

Going to Five Below- Since a Five Below opened up in my area I had only been there once, until this month changed that. I had a great time finding some fun items, including Barbie brand items! ( You can read about it HERE )

Getting to see my friend and my cousin – It seems to be a lot hard to see people than it used to be. This month, however, I was able to see my friend and my cousin! ( You can read about it HERE )

Seeing my favorite ponies – someone who lives close to me has two very sweet ponies. I’m happy to say I got to see them this month. ( You can read about it HERE )

Thank you for reading about the things I loved this month! – Christina Epperly

Celebrating this week’s little moments

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I have been told that some people appreciate the way I highlight the little everyday moments in life. I often highlight little moments in my weekend blog posts. However, I have had some fun moments this week that I want to highlight. Without any more introduction, let’s get to it!

Monday- I worked the closing shift on this day. I got coffee before work at a local coffee shop that is close to my work. I enjoyed my coffee, and work went well. After work, I went to Whole Foods. I got some soup because it has definitely been soup weather lately. I also got some boxes of Annie’s macaroni and cheese. I like how the boxes have projects on the back of the box that you can make. Another thing I was excited about getting was the fruit snacks that have trading cards in them. I love how the current series of cards has animals on them. Oh, and I got cinnamon mints, too! It was a good way to start the weekdays.

Tuesday – I had the day off. I stayed home most of the day, but I did go out in the evening. I went to Walgreens, and I got two fun items. One is a bunny shaped pop toy that came with gumballs. The other is a doughnut Pez dispenser. I just love how cute this Pez dispenser is! I wonder what Pez dispenser I will get next.

Wednesday – I was scheduled to work the morning shift this day. However, after I had coffee at the same coffee shop I went to on Monday, I discovered that the power was out at work. Unfortunately, it would not be coming back on soon, and I didn’t want to pay to take another Uber. I decided to stay in town until my mom could pick me up. Frist, I walked to my favorite local thrift shop, but their power was also out. Since I had a lot of time, I walked to the other thrift shop in town. This shop often does not have items that I’m interested in, so I didn’t expect to find anything. However, I’m happy to say that I found a Mickey Mouse hat from Disneyland! Due to the logo on the inside of the hat, I believe that it is from the 2000s. After buying the hat, I walked to the candy store. I ened buying a lollipop that is attached to a plastic bunny mouth, so when you eat the lollipop, it makes you look like a bunny! After that, I just stayed in a park and entertained myself with my phone while I waited for my mom to pick me up. It did start raining at one point, but it was easy to find a place that was covered.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a lot of great moments this week!

Rock On – Christina Epperly

Hey, look, it’s another weekend blog post!

Hello, my bucket list, friends, and happy Monday! It is time for another what I did this weekend blog post. I guess I haven’t gotten tired of writing these yet. I actually kind of look forward to writing these posts each week, and that is kind of funny because with my current job, I work at least one day during the weekend. Last week I worked Friday and Saturday. I also worked yesterday, so every day I talk about in this post will be a work day. Alright, with all that being said, let’s get to it!

Friday – On this day, I worked the closing shift. Before my shift started, I went to Starbucks and the toy store that is close to my work. At the toy store, I got two eggs that have a squishy toy inside, plus other surprises. I also got a PEZ dispenser, some fun shaped erasers, and a toy that has suction cups so that it can be stuck to different surfaces. After shopping at the toy store, I walked to work to begin my shift. Friday was also St. Patrick’s Day, and there was a big celebration going on close to my work. I got to hear the band playing while I was working. I felt like I was part of the celebration even though I was at work. After work, I went to Safeway. In addition to basic food items, I also got three more Kinder Joy eggs! It was a good way to start the weekend.

Saturday – I also worked the closing shift on this day. Before going to work, I went to a few places, including Walgreens. At Walgreens, I got some stuff I needed like shampoo, but I also got some fun things. In the Easter section, I got two light up toy chicks, a pen that also lights up and has a carrot on top, and a plush bunny that is also a bracelet. I also got a tin of mints for my purse. In addition to Walgreens, I went to Petco ,Starbucks, and the park before going to work. I really enjoyed walking in the park. It was not super sunny when we were at the park, but it was not raining either. The park was not very busy and that was nice. Work went well, and I went home afterward. It was a pretty good day.

Sunday – This day, I worked the opening shift. I went to a local coffee shop before the shift started. I also went to the candy store, and I got some vegan gummy bears and taffy. I had a pretty good day at work, and I went home afterward. However, I decided I needed more coffee and some food as well. I ordered Panera Bread on Uber Eats. I was so happy when it was derived. I love their hazelnut coffee so much! A delivery from Panera Bread is a good way to end your weekend.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed week.

Rock On – Christina Epperly

My amazing life this week

Hello, my bucket list friends I’m going to be honest. I’m really loving my life right now. There is something so beautiful about not having to wake up to an alarm clock and rush out the door. This week is so normal and so special at the same time. I already wrote about my Monday ( You can read about it HERE) I thought it would be fun to write a little something about each of my days this week. I do this a lot for weekends. However, this week is different then how my weeks have been so I decided the weekdays needed a blog post this week.

Tuesday- I went into my new job at Urban Remedy! I have really grown to be a huge fan of selfcare and this company is all about self care and health. I’m so happy to be working here!

Wednesday- This day was so amazing that it also got its own blog post! ( You can read about it HERE) The highlights of this day were seeing my wonderful friend, going to a local thrift store and getting my nails done. I also published a post on Vocal Media.

Thursday- I shared my vocal media post on my social media and it got a pretty good response. You can read it HERE) That night I went to Starbucks and Walgreens. At Walgreens I got a few things including popcorn, a drink and lip balm from Burts Bees.

Friday- I went into my job at Urban Remedy to do some training. It went really well. I’m really happy that I got a job here. After work I went to Whole Foods. I got some yummy stuff there including a box of my favorite fruit snacks that come with these cool trading cards.

Thanks for reading about my week!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

I love social media but I also love Be Real!

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’ve been meaning to write this post for a little while. One day when I was scrolling through my WordPress news feed, I ended up reading a blog post that mentioned an app called Be Real. ( You can read  the post HERE) It sounded interesting and I ended up downloading it. If you haven’t heard about this app before let me explain it. You post a photo once a day. When you take a photo on the app it uses both the front and the back camera. You post on the app when you get a notification. You have two minutes to post a picture of what you are doing at the moment. If you post after the two minute window your post is considered to be late. You can still post after the two minutes have past but the amount of time your were late will be displayed with your post. The whole idea of the app is to share your real unedited life. On other social media apps we tend to post the highlights of our lives and there is nothing wrong with that. However, it makes it easy to forget that nobody’s life is perfect. It’s easy to edit or use filters on social media sites but with Be Real you can’t do that. I want to make it perfectly clear that I really love using social media! I know it has downsides but overall I enjoy it. I love expressing myself and watching other people expressing themselves. It’s a great place to discover ideas and to be encouraged. I say all this because while Be Real is technically a social media app, it has been referred to as an anti social media platform. I personally never thought of it that way though. I think of it is as a fun new spin on social media. With Be Real I definitely share pictures of things that I normally wouldn’t usually post. Such as the break area at work, my microwave dinner, the ceiling at the airport and much more. I don’t always look my best in the pictures I post and I’m 100% ok with that. I like that Be Real encourages you to post some of the everyday moments that you probably wouldn’t think of sharing. I do have to admit that sometimes when I get a notification to share a picture I wait until I’m going to be doing something like shopping that I want to share. Also Sometimes especially when I’m working I don’t see the notification until later. There have been times when I wait to post one just because I’m busy or tired. However, I haven’t missed a day of posting since I started using Be Real. However, I really wish I knew more people who used this app. If you would like to add me user name is summerrockstar. I hope to see you on the app! Thanks for reading!

A CPR class and lots of coffee

Hello, my bucket list friends! Another weekend is almost gone. This weekend went by really fast overall. Yesterday, I did an eight hour CPR class that I needed for work. It was slow at some points but it was very informative. I got coffee that morning before the class and after the class I went to Starbucks again. After Starbucks I went to Whole Foods and then Taco Bell.I spent the rest of the night relaxing Then that brings us to today. I took it pretty easy today. I wrote another article for Vocal Media and did some shopping for the week ahead. Oh and I got coffee today too. I’m sure that before I know it I’ll be writing a post about next weekend! Have a great week!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

I love my glittery nails and other thoughts :)

Hello,my bucket list friends ! Today is one of those days when I have a lot of random things that I want to write about so I decided to put them all in one post. Here we go.

I love my glittery nails ! My friend Amy and I got our nails done together. She got this beautiful blue color on her toes and I got pink and purple with glitter on my finger nails. I’m so glad that I decided to get a gel manicure because my nails still look amazing over a week after I got them done!

I can’t wait for my doll to return from the hospital. – I know that’s a weird sentence to read but I had to send one of my American Girl dolls off for repairs. I think it was last week or maybe the week before I sent my doll Coral to the American Girl doll hospital. I bought Coral off eBay earlier this year. After not having her for very long her leg fell off. Doll limbs can get loose over time and fall off. I’ve been meaning to send her to the hospital for a while now and I can’t wait for her to return!

I have had some good thrift finds lately. – I love going thrift shopping and lately I’ve been finding some great stuff such as American Girl stickers and books, arts and crafts kits, Beanie Babies and some nice clothes. Going thrift shopping is like going on a treasure hunt I never know what I’m going to find!

I went walking on one of my favorite trails – Due to weather,smoke and work schedules I haven’t been able to go on as many walks as I would like to. Getting to walk on my favorite trails again was great! It was a beautiful day !

Thanks for reading ! Rock On- Christina Epperly

Things I love March 2019

Hello, My bucket list friends ! I know I’m late with this post but time has been going by so fast ! Anyways , enjoy reading !




Things I love March 2019

TV show Buddy VS. Duff –  I love this show ! It’s a baking competition between two very famous bakers. It’s an exciting thrill ride of a contest between the cake boss and the ace of cakes. It’s awesome to watch two very talented bakers go head to head ! I highly recommend adding this show to your watch list !

My little Pony Ultimate Equestria collection – I wrote a blog post about how awesome this item is ( you can read it HERE )


Yogurt land –  OK, so I’m not new to how amazing yogurt land is but I went three times in March ! They also now offer vanilla and chocolate ice cream !  I haven’t tried the chocolate but I can tell you that the vanilla is amazing !


Starbucks Cherry Mocha – this yummy drink made me feel like I was  drinking chocolate covered cherries! ( You can read my review HERE)




Rock On – Christina Epperly





Just some random thoughts 3/18/2019

Hello, my bucket list friends !  Sometimes there is not always one specific thing that comes to your mind to blog about and this is one of those times . When that happens it can be fun to just dump what ever random thoughts you have into a blog post so that’s what I’m doing today enjoy !




Just some random thoughts 3/18/2019


  1. I love the Jewelry I bought at Claire’s yesterday- Yesterday I went to the mall and I went one of my favorite stores Claire’s. They were having an awesome buy 3 get 3 free sale. I got some super cute necklaces and earnings I’m even wearing one of the necklaces today.


2.  I love the weather right now – It is so beautiful and sunny right now ! The sunny weather is like an instant mood booster for me . There has been a lot of rain this year and that’s a good thing but I’m so happy for sunny days !


3. Summer is on it’s way – Summer is my favorite season and when the weather is warm it makes me think of summer. I’m very excited summer is coming soon ! I can’t wait for the adventures I will have this summer !

Rock on – Christina Epperly




Dear, OCD I’m in charge now

Hello, my bucket list friends . Last month I wrote quite a few posts about my TMS treatments for OCD . If you want to read them just look at my posts on this blog from February 2019. Anyways, I thought it would be a good idea to give an update on how I’m doing since treatment.Hold on tight and here we go !


Dear OCD, I’m in charge now

In my previous posts about TMS I wrote about some of the changes that occurred during treatments. OCD began to lose it’s grip on me and I was feeling more in control then ever before. Well, I’m happy to say that things have continued to improve. Before receiving the TMS treatments, OCD controlled a large part of my day. It was always controlling what I could and could not wear, what songs I could and couldn’t listen to, what order I had to put the blankets on my bed and many more things that impacted my everyday life. I felt anxiety that if I didn’t follow OCD’s orders bad things would happen . I never truly realized just how much of my time that OCD took from me.  Now, things are very different I’m in charge now. I’m able to make my own everyday choices with feeling little to no anxiety. If OCD stars to give me orders I remind it that I’m in charge now and I do what I want to do. I was so used to following OCD’s orders that now sometimes I have to stop and ask myself what I want to do . I feel so free now! Now , don’t get me wrong life is not perfect and it never will be but I feel a lot better now that I’m free from OCD’s control. OCD still sneaks in with it’s unwanted thoughts from time to time but I can dismiss these thoughts faster and easier then ever before ! I’m so happy that I took part in the study at Stanford. Things are looking up.

Rock on – Christina Epperly