Another delivery, thrift shopping and a beautiful walk

Hello, my bucket list friends it is the time for another weekend blog post! I know my posts have not been very exciting lately, but summer is on the way, and like I said in my last weekend post. I have big plans for the summer, including bucket list items! However, I did enjoy some of my favorite things this weekend, such as shopping and coffee. I think that is enough introduction for this post, so let’s get to it!

Friday – I had this day off.  However, I was in need of some food items, so I did another Walmart order through Instacart. I mainly ordered the food items that I needed, but I did add some fun items to my order. Those fun items were a bag of colorful craft sticks, two Kinder Joy eggs, one blind bag Barbie pets toy, and a bag of puzzle piece shaped magnets that you can decorate. After I received my delivery, I got creative with the craft sticks that I ordered. My original plan was to make shapes out of the craft sticks by gluing them together with hot glue. However, I was unable to find a hot glue gun. With some inspiration from Pintrest, I decided to glue the craft sticks on paper with a glue stick and then draw on them. I really enjoyed doing this. I had a fun time coming up with designs that I wanted to draw.   

Saturday – I worked the closing shift on this day, but I went into town early because I had some things that I wanted to do before work. I also wanted to avoid traffic. When I got to town, I went to my favorite local thrift store that I have been going to a lot lately. I did not know if I would find much since it had not been a very long time since I had last been there. The first item that I put in my shopping basket was a  Squishmallow toy. I’m still not planning on collecting them, but I will probably get them every now and then when I see one for a good price. My other big find find were some Crayola crayons that I’m pretty sure are both from the 80s. One package had a year on it. I also got two books, two bookmarks, some stickers including beach themed stickers, and a hat. After I bought my items, the thrift store staff gave me a drawstring bag for the things that I bought. After the thrift store, I went to the candy store. I got two items, including a fan that has candy inside it also has a dog from Paw Patrol on top of it. The other item I got was a lollypop that has different flavors on it, and it spins around like a windmill. I walked around for a little bit before going to the coffee shop that I usually go to. After spending some time at the coffee shop, I went to work. I enjoyed my day at work, and when I got picked up, I went to the park with my mom and the neighbor’s dog. I had a good time at the park. After stopping at home for a little bit, I went back out to do some shopping. The big highlight of my nighttime shopping trip was getting Kinder Joy eggs and my favorite fruit snacks at Safeway. It was a busy day, but it was also a great day.

Sunday – I had the day off, and I took it easy for most of the day, but I did get to go on a walk and see my favorite ponies. It was a beautiful day, and since we have gotten a lot of rain this year, we have beautiful flowers and green grass all around us most of the time during our walk. After our walk, we did go into town. I was excited to go to Starbucks since it had been a little while since I had last gone there. I was very happy to get an iced coffee after my walk. I also needed to get cough drops, so I went to Walgreens. At Walgreens, I looked at the Easter section. I did not think I would find anything thing else that I would want since I had already gone there on Monday. However, since everything was deeply discounted, I wanted to see if there was anything else that would interest me. I ended up getting two Easter ring pops and a plush animal in a plastic egg. I was very happy to find those items because I did not see them on Monday. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a good way to end the weekend.

Thank you for reading about my weekend fun!

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