The things I feel like writing about

Hello, my bucket list, friends! There are times when I just want to blog about things, but I can’t think of a good way to wrap them all up, so I just throw them all together anyway! So here are some of the random things that have been on my mind lately.

The rate that time has been passing lately is making me nervous – The further I get into my 30s, the more I notice how fast time goes. Not only am I shocked that it is already October 2023. I’m shocked that I’m getting into my mid-30s. I often worry that I haven’t accomplished enough by now. However, I also know that I’m very hard on myself, and I’m doing better than I think that I am. I have been worrying about my age, and I know that I shouldn’t be. I just have to keep reminding myself that getting older is a wonderful privilege!

I love buying things that are on sale or clearance! When I’m at work, I get excited when I see items that I want on sale. I’ve gotten some play-doh kits that are 25% off. Another item I got was this really cool glitter tattoo set that was on clearance. I was also extremely happy when I got squishy Barbie toys and a sensory bin on clearance!

I’m happy that I’ve been going to church more regularly . I look forward to going to church each week. I love being around the people there.

Proverbs has become my favorite book of the Bible, and I highly recommend reading it – I’ve been focusing on reading my Bible more than I have in past years. Lately, my book of choice has been Proverbs. It is a book filled with wisdom that everyone could benefit from.

I just got some play-doh brand air dry clay – This is one of the things that I bought at work during my break! I’m excited to see what I can make with it.

Thank you for reading my random thoughts! – Christina Epperly


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  1. I love buying things that are on sale or clearance too, especially BOGO items. It is wonderful to collectively be in worship service on Sunday; keep going. Books of Psalms/Proverbs are my favorite and full of wisdom. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

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