Blogmas day 24 Merry Christmas Eve!

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I’m finally doing my post about Christmas Eve!my Christmas Eve was really busy, but it was a pretty great day overall. The two big highlights of the day were going to Christmas Eve church service and getting to see my sister! My mom and I met my sister at a park that I had never been to before, and that park had a really cool playground. I had a good time climbing around on the ropes at the playground. At the church service, we used candles at the end of the service, and it looked so beautiful to see the candles glowing when we turned the lights out. A few other fun things about Christmas Eve were getting Starbucks, buying toys at Safeway ( including a Barbie), and going to our regular local park. Thanks for reading about my Christmas Eve.

Rock On- Christina Epperly


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