Things I love December 2022

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I know this post is a little late, but I’m still excited to write it! I had some pretty great adventures, and I want to review them before I move on to the adventures that are waiting for me this month. Without any more delay, let’s get to it!

Trip to Los Angeles and crossing off three bucket list items – This was a great way to end the year! I had a great time! ( You can read about it HERE, HERE, and HERE )

Fantasy of lights drive through event – I got to go to one of my favorite local events during December it was a lot of fun, and I’m glad I got to go. ( You can read about it HERE )

Christmas craft faire- I had a fun time attending this local craft faire. ( You can read about it HERE )

Shopping fun – I got to do a good amount of shopping this month. ( You can read about some it HERE, HERE and HERE.

Time with family and friends – I got to see some of my favorite people this month! Including spending the last day of 2022 with my amazing friend. ( You can read about it HERE and HERE )

Thanks for reading about my highlights this months!

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My life in the last days of 2022

Hello, my bucket list, friends! The year is nearly over, and I have been doing my best to enjoy the time that is left in 2022. Yesterday, I went on a walk and visited my neighbor’s horse and pony. I had not seen them in a long time. It was really good to see them again. They were very happy that we brought them carrots. After we visited the horse and pony, we went down to the creek and walked around there was a pretty large amount of water in the creek and it was hard to cross at certain parts so my shoes were filled with water by the time I got back home. After going home and changing my shoes we went into town. Our first stop was Starbucks, of course. After getting some awesome coffee and a butter croissant, it was time to go to Whole Foods. At Whole Foods, I got a craft kit that has a bunch of fun items in it, including beads. I also got a really fun container of playdough. I had never seen playdough like this before it has a fun art piece on top that includes a snow man it also comes with a cute wooden scoop. While at Whole Foods, I also got my favorite fruit snacks, liquid death mineral water ,soup, bread, and more. I’ve been trying to read a lot this month. I did not read many books at all this year, and I’ve been trying to make up for it this month. I know I won’t make it to my goal of reading fifty books this year, but if I can get to half of my goal, I’ll be happy. You can check out my progress on my Good Reads account HERE. I hope all of you are having some fun at the end of this year! Oh, there is one exciting thing that I forgot to mention. I got a new laptop! I’m very excited about this because it will help me with my voice acting goals for the new year.

Thanks for reading!

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Blogmas day 24 Merry Christmas Eve!

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I’m finally doing my post about Christmas Eve!my Christmas Eve was really busy, but it was a pretty great day overall. The two big highlights of the day were going to Christmas Eve church service and getting to see my sister! My mom and I met my sister at a park that I had never been to before, and that park had a really cool playground. I had a good time climbing around on the ropes at the playground. At the church service, we used candles at the end of the service, and it looked so beautiful to see the candles glowing when we turned the lights out. A few other fun things about Christmas Eve were getting Starbucks, buying toys at Safeway ( including a Barbie), and going to our regular local park. Thanks for reading about my Christmas Eve.

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Things I love December 2021

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’m finally getting around to writing this post! It’s almost the end of January but before I completely move on from last year,let’s take a look back at the things I loved in December 2021!

Disney world/ Florida- This was a wonderful vacation! I had so so much fun at Epcot!

Christmas Eve and Christmas day – I went thrift shopping on Christmas Eve for the first time! Christmas day was also really amazing it was good to be with my family.

Going to Idaho- I spent a good amount of time with my family this month including my Idaho family. It was good to see them. I got to go thrift shopping and use a 3-D printer while I was there.  I also went to the Movies.

My microphone- For Christmas I got a microphone! I’ve been taking voice acting lessons and I really love it!

Barbie color reveal surprise party set –  This awesome set was a great addition to my Barbie collection.

You can read some of my favorite December blog posts by going to the links below

Thanks for reading!

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Merry Christmas 2021!!

Hello,my bucket list friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Things have been pretty busy lately but I wanted to do a quick post about my Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and the day after. Let’s start with Christmas Eve. One thing that was different about this Christmas Eve is that I went thrift shopping. I don’t think I’ve ever been thrift shopping on Christmas Eve until this year! I got some great items including a American Girl planner, a Coca-Cola polar bear plate, and a Barbie book. The item that I’m the most excited about was one that I have been wanting for a while. It’s a Build a Bear Darth Vader bear. It’s just so cute! I’m so happy I got him. On Christmas Eve night we went out to eat with my sister. It was nice to try a restaurant that we had never gone to before. I enjoyed the food here. On Christmas day we stayed home and did traditional Christmas things like open presents and had a big awesome dinner. I had a good Christmas this year. It was good to slow down and relax for a while. The day after Christmas we did some errands. We went to Starbucks and Whole Foods. I also got my new microphone put up on my desk. I haven’t got it work yet but it looks cool! Thanks for reading!

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Life after vacation December 2021

Hello,my bucket list friends! I haven’t finished writing my posts about my amazing vacation yet. However since coming back from vacation my life has been a little on the crazy side and I need to talk about it. The day after we got back from Florida, Sherri our fifteen year old cat was not acting like herself. On Monday night we took her to an Emergency vet and it turned out she was a lot sicker then I thought. She had an infection and her kidneys were not doing well at all. I knew that she had kidney disease but I didn’t realize how advanced it was. She ended up being hospitalized until Wednesday. I did realize just how much this was bothering me until Thursday. I have to leave work early because I broke out in a rash. I didn’t know what it was at first. I walked to CVS to get medicine to stop the itching. While I was there I got a My little pony toy. I was feeling pretty bad but I got excited when I saw it on the shelf. It turned out that my rash was a stress rash. My rash kept on coming back and I’m still not over it yet. Friday night I got some relief from my stress when I went to a local light display drive through with Amy and my parents. On Saturday I visited one of my favorite local stores called Affordable Treasures and celebrated my dad’s birthday. Sunday we went to a family party. I’m trying not to stress but my emotions have been all over the place. It doesn’t help that it is a very busy time of year right now. I do work at a school but we are not out for Christmas break until Christmas Eve. Things have not been the easiest lately but yesterday we got some encouraging news. Sherri went to the vet again and the vet gave her longer to live then she originally told us. some other good news is last week I went to Target and I finished my Christmas shopping I also got a snowboarding Barbie doll and other fun things. I know it’s not something I usually say on my blog but I could really use your prayers right now. My depression has been acting up lately. Sometimes optimism is hard to find. Oh before I end this blog post I do have something exciting to tell you about. I started taking voice acting lessons! I had my first class on Sunday and it went really well. I’m excited to see where this adventure will take me. Thanks for reading!

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Things I love DEC. 2019

( So I accidentally deleted this post oops ! So here it is again )

Hello, my bucket list friends ! It’s time to say goodbye to another month . This month was overall good and I can’t wait to tell you more so, here we go !

Going to Disneyland – A great vacation to one of my favorite places ( you can read about it HERE )

Disney candy cane – While at Disneyland I got one of the very popular and very good Disneyland candy canes ( you can read about it HERE )

Disney’s 12 days of socks –  This was a very fun advent calendar ( you can read about it HERE )

Frozen 2 – My friend and I both really enjoyed this movie . It was full of adventure and excitement !

Squishy art kit – This was a very fun art kit ! ( you can read about it HERE)

Goofy’s kitchen – I got to eat at one of my favorite places while in Disneyland ! It was a lot of fun ! ( you can read about it HERE)

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My Childhood without Santa Claus

Hello, my bucket list friends ! I hope all of you are having a very merry December ! One thing I really love about blogging and writing in general is that it allows people to express feelings and ideas that they might otherwise keep to themselves . Now this is not the typical post that I usually write .This is definitely much more on the controversial side but it is something that has been on my mind lately and I feel the need to express it . Get ready and hold on tight for a different kind of post from just a bucket list dream !

My Childhood without Santa Claus

When I was growing up my family didn’t do the Christmas tradition of Santa Claus . Both my sister and I knew that the gifts under the tree had been bought for us by our parents or other family members but that didn’t mean we didn’t love Christmastime ! I looked forward to Christmas just like any other kid did . I loved decorating the Christmas tree , decorating sugar cookies , looking at Christmas lights ,being in church Christmas plays , and of course getting some pretty awesome gifts ! Some people may have felt like my sister and I were missing out on something great but we didn’t think so . Neither of us really minded knowing who our gifts were from as long as we had presents to open on Christmas day . Looking back now,knowing that my parents were the ones buying the gifts for us made me really appreciate the things I got for Christmas . We didn’t have a ton of money to spend and I knew that. Seeing all the effort that my parents put in to Christmas made it more special . Another benefit of not doing the Santa Claus tradition was that I realized the important of giving to other children whos parents could not afford any gifts for them .  I remember participating in the toy drive at church and helping  out at the toys for tots donation center . Since I knew how presents really got under the tree I knew that it was up to the kindness of others to help those children . Not doing the Santa Claus tradition made me want to help others more. I knew that Santa didn’t bring gifts to those in need but that people with kind hearts did . Not believing in Santa Claus helped to teach me the importance of kindness and giving. I look at it as a very positive thing not only did I learn some important character qualities, I never had to deal with the disappointment of finding out the truth and I was able to enjoy Christmas year after year without questioning if reindeer could really fly or if one guy could make it to every house in the world in one night .  Now, all that being said Santa Claus wasn’t banned in our house or anything like that. We owned the Santa Claus  movies and if we wanted to pretend Santa was real we could . Overall not doing the Santa Claus tradition had a very positive effect on my childhood. It taught me important values and lessons that helped me grow in to who I am today.

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Fantasy of lights 2018

Hello, my bucket list friends ! This weekend I got to enjoy one of my favorite Christmas time things ,Christmas lights ! There is this really cool event in my area called Fantasy of lights I’ve mentioned this before in a blog post from last year.( you can read it here ). Anyways I thought I’d go into more detail about this fun event . Let’s get to it !


Fantasy of lights 2018

Fantasy of lights is this wonderful event where a local park goes all out with the Christmas lights . There are many colorful light displays set up you can see everything from penguins to dinosaurs . The event started 20 years ago but I remember when it was  new! It used to be just a drive through attraction but later on walk through nights were offered .  After doing both more then once I can honestly say that the walk through nights are my favorite . This year I did the walk through with my parents . I saw my favorite light displays including the ice skating bears, the bear climbing the huge candy cane and the big Fantasy of lights arch. There was a light display of cat that I think was new . It’s fun to see all the displays that have been added over the years .  It was cold and crowded that night but it was still enjoyable . One of the things that have changed since this event started is that you now have to get tickets before you go because it has become so popular . Even with the all cold and all the people it was worth going to this year. I hope everyone is enjoying the last month of 2018 .







Life in December 2017

Hello, my bucket list friends! I hope you are all having a wonderful December 2017.  For a lot people including me, this time of year is very busy but with a little stress management and some deep breaths it can be truly wonderful. There is a lot going on in my life this month, so I thought I would write a post to tell you about it. Here we go!


Christmas Joy

December is full of joy and celebration.  So far, this year I’ve been enjoying the little things, such as decorating the Christmas tree, getting chocolate every day from my advent calendar and going to the Christmas light walk through at the park. Even with all the busyness going on I’m still taking time to enjoy the fun little things about Christmas. I had a good time at the light walk through with my family. I like looking at the lights every year and the walk through is my favorite. I love getting to spend a little more time enjoying the dinosaurs, bears and other light displays then when you drive through. I also have been rocking out to My Little Pony Christmas music. There is much more Christmas fun to come this month so get ready for another blog post about Christmas joy.

Here we go again


I’ve written before about my test anxiety and once again it is something I’m going to have to face. In about a week I’m going to be taking the Mblex so I can work as a massage therapist. The test covers a lot of material and I’m nervous, but I feel good about what I know and what I need to work on to be fully ready for the test.  I really wanted to share this with you all because it has been on mind a lot lately. I’m worried about taking the test but I have decided not to place any pressure on my self I’ve been studying and I’m going to do my best.  No matter what happens I’m going to be proud of myself.


Wrapping it up for now ………..

So as you can see things are pretty jam packed for me right now but I’m excited for all the good things that are to come and  I can’t wait to tell you all about it   – Rock on Christina Epperly