Blogmas Day 19 yesterday’s highlights.

Hello,my bucket list, friends! First off, sorry, I couldn’t think of a more interesting thing to blog about but I’m really tired right now and I don’t want to miss another day of blogmas so anyways let’s get to yesterday’s highlights. The first highlight is that I went to church. Going to church regularly is going to be one of my New Year’s resolutions. I just started it a little early! I’m glad I’ve started attending church again. I’ve been enjoying it. I hope I’m able to go to the Christmas Eve service, but we will see. My next highlight is having a family dinner. It was nice to go to dinner as a family for a birthday celebration. After that, we went on some errands, including Trader Joe’s. I got two fun items at Trader Joe’s. A tin of mints and a hot chocolate spoon that comes with vegetarian friendly marshmallows! Of course, there was also a trip to Starbucks. Going to Starbucks is something that I do a lot, but it is also something that I really look forward to. Thanks for reading this blog post!

Rock On- Christina Epperly


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