Blogmas day 18 a colorful Starbucks cup and a gingerbread creation

Hello, my bucket list, friends ! It is time for a fun little blog post. This post is mainly about what I did yesterday, but there are some Christmastime highlights, including the ones I mentioned in the title above. The first highlight of the day was going to get Starbucks before going to work. The cup I got a Starbucks was the one with the trees on it. I decided to keep this cup and color it after work. There was one major difference about work on this day, and that was that I started work earlier than I had been. Work got busy at times, but it was a pretty good day overall. After work, I went home and started coloring my Starbucks cup. I got a bunch of different markers, and I made my cup very colorful. Later on that day I went to a family Christmas party. I was excited to see my family and play the White Elephant game. Another thing I was excited about was getting to decorate gingerbread houses. I brought my gingerbread Target store kit to build and decorate. I had a good time building the gingerbread store. I love the dog and shopping cart that came with the kit. I also enjoyed playing the white elephant game. That is one of my favorite games to play at Christmastime. I have a good amount of memories of playing that game, and now I have a new memory of playing it. It was good to spend time with family because I don’t get to see my family as often as I would like to. It was a good day. Christmas time is truly a special time of year.

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Rock On- Christina Epperly


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