Things I love August 2022

Hello, my bucket list friends! It is the first day of September so I think now is a good time to look back on summer the fun I had in August. Here we go!

My birthday plus my visiting Point Ryes – I turned 32 this month and I did a lot of celebrating! ( You can read about It HERE )

Warheads soda – I tried a interesting kind of soda this month. ( You can read about it HERE )

Visiting Monterey – I had a wonderful day visiting Monterey. ( You can Read about it HERE)

Trying Coca-Cola dream world – There was another interesting soda flavor that I tried this month. It was fun to find out what dreams taste like. ( You can read about it HERE)

Play-Doh fun – This month I bought a very cute Play-Doh kit at Walgreens. ( You can read about it HERE )

Barbie color reveal – I was so excited to buy another Barbie color reveal doll this month. ( You can read about it HERE )

making my own slime – This month I got to visit the Slime Kitchen! I love the slime I made! ( You can read about it HERE )

Thank you for reading about my August fun!


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