Welcome to my nightmares

Hello, my bucket list friends! This post is gonna sound a little strange but I am an artist after all. Last month I went to an Alice Cooper concert. During the the show he wished the audience horrific nightmares. This got me thinking can you make yourself have nightmares? I’ve also realized that it’s been years since I’ve had a real nightmare. I’ve had odd dreams but nothing terrifying. So I set out on a quest to give myself nightmares. I started off by asking my friend Google how to give myself nightmares. One of the first things that I read was a wiki how page ( You can read it HERE) I tried to follow the tips such as eating spicy food and sleeping on my stomach. I took vitamin B and watched horror movies. In a strange turn of events it turns out that I like some horror movies. I was still hoping that they would give me nightmares but no such luck. I experienced at least one dream that I would classifie as odd but not a real nightmare. There was one night I tried everything I could think of. I took vitamin B and melatonin at the same time and I watched a true crime documentary right before bed and…….. I didn’t have any nightmares! What’s wrong with me ? Like for real why can’t I have nightmares? When I got sick I thought I might have some nightmares since my sleep schedule was all over the place but that did not happen either.Anyways, since I was unsuccessful in this quest I thought I would share some interesting dreams and nightmares I’ve had in the past. It’s been a while but I want to say probably around five plus years ago that I had a bunch of dreams about being a criminal. Now, it was nothing violent I was usually a thief of some kind. One dream that stands out to me ,was one where I was running down a road holding a large suite case filled with cash. I have no idea where I got the suite case from or where I was trying to run to but I knew that the police where looking for me. It was then that I saw a police officer with his young son in a driveway and I made the decision to turn myself in. I remember the officer being shocked when I walked up to him and the dream ended with me getting arrested. Another dream I had that followed this pattern was one that took place in some kind of fantasy universe. I was standing in front of a long table and behind the table was a woman who was either a judge or a ruler of some kind.On the table was a device that was used for punishment. It was a container that you stuck your hand into and it would shock you. What stands out about this dream was the fact that I remembered a quote from it. As I was standing behind the table the woman asked me if I was scared. I gave the following reply. “No, I’m a criminal, it’s not like this is the first time I’ve been punished.” Now, this was not something that I would say in real life so it was a surprising thing to dream. Other dreams I had the follow this pattern include a dream about running from law enforcement through a mall and another dream about spending a night in jail. As for the nightmares I had when I was younger I remember one pretty clearly. The was a rattle snake in a cottage cheese container in my backyard and it was biting me. It bit me a total of three times and according to my nightmare that meant I was gonna die from it. Another nightmare I remember having when I was young is one where I got some kind of cut that couldn’t be healed and it was going to eventually lead to my death. These nightmares do have some similarities. However, I curious to see what kind of nightmares my mind would come up with now that I’m in my thirties but I guess my brain is done with having nightmares .Well at least for now it is.

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