Four thrift stores one day !

Hello,my bucket list friends ! Yesterday, I went thrift shopping to four stores! I’m still in Idaho visiting family and yesterday was so much fun. I went thrift shopping with some of my family. After going out for a great breakfast. I went to this area that has four thrift stores pretty close together. I had so much fun checking out all the different stores! I loved seeing all the different toys,books and various other items that these stores had to offer. I did pretty well when it came to books. I got some American girl books, some books from the candy fairies book series, and a Mary-kate and Ashley book. As far as toys goes I got two plush animals including a princess Celestia plush from Build-A-Bear workshop .I also got a bunch of really great dolls including a lot of Barbie dolls and two pinkie pie dolls. As for clothes I got a yellow shirt from old Navy and a hat from the Rain Forest Cafe in downtown Disney. It was a very fun day of thrift shopping and I hope I can do it again some day.

Rock on – Christina Epperly


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5 thoughts on “Four thrift stores one day !

  1. Although I don’t thrift-shop (I know a few people who love thrifting too), I love finding a good bargain! My favourite store is a place called Dollarama. It is a wonderful place, and I have managed to find some pretty awesome stuff there including My Little Pony figurines which I used for a birthday cake.

    They also sell brand name and licensed items like Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol merch. I have even managed to find the LOL toys and occasionally Barbie related things (mostly books). The other day I saw a bath bomb kit for $4 and was so tempted to buy it. If you decide to visit Canada one day, I highly recommend Dollarama. Their items range from $1-4 but I promise you it’s worth it! 😊💕

      1. You may not have heard of it because it only exists in Canada 🇨🇦 It’a Canada’s too-rated dollar store and everyone shops there. These days, because of the pandemic and social distancing, you’ll see lines of people waiting outside of Dollarama!

        I love this store because I can buy so much more there vs. paying full price for the same stuff elsewhere. Stuff typically costs more here compared to the US, so it’s really nice to score discounts on brands I would buy anyways 🙂

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