Adventures in unemployment

Adventures in unemployment

Hello my bucket list friends! As many of you probably know life is really good at throwing you unexpected curve balls. On August 17th I was let go from my job I did not see it coming and I was really shocked.  This had never happened to me before.  Right away I started applying to jobs. I knew it would be sometime until I got a new job. I was very worried about money and how I would pay bills but I’m so blessed to have great people in my life who were there to support me. I spent lots of time with my family and friends doing all kinds of fun activities such as going to the movies, going swimming, kayaking, working out and going out to eat. I wasn’t happy that I got fired but I knew that the best thing would be to enjoy the free time that I know had When I wasn’t applying for jobs. I went to the movies in the middle of the week; it felt really cool to just be able to go to the movies on a whim. I had never been kayaking before and if I still had been working I would not have been able to go kayaking at the lake with my cousin. I also used my free time to help others by volunteering at a homeless shelter.   Even though it hurt a lot when I got fired, if that wouldn’t have happened I would have not gotten the chance to go on the adventures that I did. I went on several interviews and a day before I was leaving for Disneyland to do the half marathon I got some very good news. I got offered a job at a clothing store that was a short drive from my house. I was very excited to have a job again. I’ve been working at the store for about two weeks now and I have learned so much. I really enjoy working there.   Life threw me a major curve ball but the most important thing I learned form all this was to always trust in God no matter what! Rock on – Christina Epperly



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