#167 complete the Disneyland half marathon


Hello my bucket list friends! I just recently crossed off a big list item! I completed the Disneyland half marathon. I also got to spend some time enjoying the Disneyland resort .I’m very excited to tell you all about it but first let’s take a look at some great pictures from my trip to Disneyland.



I signed up for the Disneyland half marathon earlier this year.  I joined a gym and signed up for 5ks to help me get ready . To be honest I did not practice as much as a should have and before I knew it, race day was here. I was so excited on race day! I couldn’t wait to run through the Disneyland resort. There was so much to see along the race course. There were Disney characters that you could take pictures with and you got to run through that castle it was awesome. I had never done a race as long as a half marathon before so I had a hard time keeping the minimum pace but I pushed hard and I was able to finish in time. I was one of the last people to finish but all the people in that last group were amazing we all encouraged each other; it was great to finish the long race with some wonderful people. It was both difficult and fun but in the end I finished the race and that was my goal. I’m so proud of myself for completing the half marathon. I hope to do more races in the future.


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