The reasons why I love summer and dislike fall

Hello bucket list friends!  As most of you know I love summertime and I get sad when it comes to an end. What I haven’t talked about much on this blog is how much I don’t like fall. I have written about it on social media before though.  It might be hard for some people to understand why I love summer so much and strongly dislike fall so I decided to make lists explaining all my reasons so let’s get going.  PS. These are my own personal reasons and this blog post is just a fun way to express my own opinion.  If you’re not interested in my opinion on the seasons, no need to worry another blog post about my next adventure will be posted soon.

Reasons why I love summer


The long days

I love the long sunny days of summer when it doesn’t get dark until around 8:00 pm. More light means more time for evening walks and longer days at the beach.

Vacation season

Summer is the time of year when a lot of people go on vacation. School is out and in a lot of places the weather is nice and sunny. I love to travel and summer is the perfect time to do that. Summer usually means it’s time for a vacation or least a weekend camping trip.  Yes, I know people including me take vacations at all different times during the year but summertime is known as a peak travel season a lot of places.

Beach and pool days

When I was a kid I took swimming lessons almost every summer. Swimming is very fun and relaxing and the beach is simply beautiful. Due to weather, summer is the perfect time for all kinds of fun water activities including water slides, water balloon fights, boating, water skiing and jet skiing to name some.

The fashion

I love flip flops I have many pairs. I love how they come in many colors and designs and they are so easy to slip on. I also love shorts and tank tops. Summer style is so fun, carefree and full of color.


The food

Summer is ice cream season. Need I say more? Of course I could say more such as smoothies, snow cones, popsicles, strawberries, cherries and watermelons   but usually ice cream is all you have to say



Outdoor concerts

I love going to concerts and during the summer there are a lot of concerts outdoors which means more opportunity to go see your favorite bands.

Summer movie season

Many movies are released during the summer season. Usually you can expect there to be at least one movie you want to see during the summer.

More time with friends and family

Summer usually means people have more free time and that means there is more time to spend with the ones you love. Summer is even more fun when you have great people around you to enjoy those vacations, beach days and concerts with.

4th of July

Now I know this one only applies to America but if you live in America you know how fun the 4th of July can be.  It is a fun day of celebration and fireworks are like a work of art in the sky.


Reasons why I dislike fall

Short days

It’s already hard enough to get everything done in one day. Well with fall you get super short days say goodbye to your evening run or bike ride. It’s just odd eating dinner at like 6:00 pm when it’s completely dark outside.

Pumpkin flavored everything

Now this one is really getting out of control. I get that pumpkins are in season during the fall time but that does not mean everything needs to be pumpkin flavored! I mean for one thing it a squash, what’s next zucchini flavored coffee?  Walking through the store this time of year just makes me roll my eyes at all of the strange pumpkin flavored products.  It seems like it gets more and more ridiculous every year.


Thanksgiving food

Two words grease and fat. The heaviness of thanksgiving food puts you into a food coma, there are much better ways to spend a day then stuffing yourself with fatty foods and then crashing on the couch. Also I’m a vegetarian and it’s really disturbing to see a dead turkey body just sitting there and watching people pull it apart to take pieces of meat off.  The holiday of Thanksgiving has a great meaning behind it but the food is in need of an update.


My Number one problem with fall fashion is those ugly UGG boots. Did you know there are made with sheep skin? Not just wool, skin. That’s right whenever you see someone with UGG boots on, just know that they are wearing dead sheep on their feet. I’m also not a big fan of all the layers that fall demands due to its crazy weather .

Dead leaves everywhere

Some people seem to think dead leaves are pretty, I just see a big mess of dead leaves all over the road. All those leaves means lots of time spent raking a sweeping or you just give up and let them stay all of the yard or deck.


Back to school flashbacks

I graduated high school in 2009 but the memories of being forced to go back to school after summer will stick with me forever. Fall to me represents freedom being taken away. I remember the stress and anxiety of having to go back to a place that I didn’t enjoy.





Rock on – Christina



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