All about Blanca

Hello, my bucket list friends . Last month I said goodbye to my very sweet and beautiful cat Blanca but this post is not about that day. This post is all about Blanca’s wonderful life and sweet personality. I first met Blanca in 2014 I saw her on a local animal shelter’s  website. From the information provided on the website I found out the she was sixteen years old and had come from a house where she lived with other cats who picked on her. Even though her name was Blanca she was a  fluffy black cat. I knew that it was harder for senior animals and black cats to find forever homes once they are in a animal shelter. Since Blanca was a black sixteen year old cat . (That’s equivalent to 80 human years !)   I knew her chances of being adopted were low. I really wanted to adopt her and give her the loving home she deserved. Somehow I was able to convince my parents that we should adopt her. The next day ( February 2nd 2014 ) My mom and I went to the shelter and brought her home.  She did great on the car ride home she was very curious and loved to look out windows. We decided that it would be best to have her live in my bedroom because our other cat Sherry might not be all that excited to have another cat in her house . Blanca and I shared a room for a while I would take her upstairs sometimes so she could sit the window and get some sun. I don’t remember when it was exactly but sooner or later she was able to explore the rest of the house. We were right about Sherry being less than thrilled about sharing her house with another cat. They eventually had a territory war in my room which resulted in me having to do a lot of laundry but that’s just life when you have two girl cats. Blanca was an amazing jumper. I was always a little worried when I saw her ready to jump a pretty long or high distance but most of the time she completed her jump with no problem. Like most cats Blanca was a lover of the sun. Sometimes when I was outside she would come with me to walk around and enjoy the sunshine. Around two years after we got Blanca we welcomed a kitten who I named Cooper into our home. Cooper was so little when we first got him. I’ll never forget the time that tiny Cooper stood on top of Blanca while she was sleeping but he was so small that it took Blanca a few minutes to wake up and notice him! My favorite thing about Blanca was that she loved attention. She had a pretty powerful purr.Her favorite place to sleep was on top of a person. She did’t mind when I picked her up , She just wanted me to pet her head. She was a very people friendly cat and would welcome pets and love from anyone willing to give it. If I had to describe her in two words it would be sweet and sassy. She was very sweet but she also had a very strong personality if she wasn’t happy with something like getting her nails trimmed or Cooper wanting to play with her she would make sure everyone knew how she felt about it. When I first got Blanca I thought I would only have her for a few months but I had her for almost six years ! I am so blessed that I got to be her pet parent!

Rock On – Christina Epperly


If Animals could talk ……

Hello, my bucket list friends I have what I like to call a busy brain. I’m pretty much always thinking ten miles a minute. Random ideas are always popping into my head. Well recently I’ve been thinking about what life would be like if animals could talk. Let me give you some background on this. I have a 21 year old cat named Blanca she is a very sweet and happy cat but she does have kidney disease and because of that we have to give her fluids using a needle and as you can probably guess she does not like this at all. I wish so much that I could tell her why we are doing this and how much it helps her. I wish she could understand that we are caring for her and helping her to be healthier. Then one night I noticed one of my other cats Sherry itching because of fleas so of course I put  flea medicine on her and right away she ran away from me it was like she was scared of me. Once again I wish she could understand that I was helping her.  I feel like some simple communication would solve a lot of the problems that we have when it comes to our animal friends. We could tell the dogs that the mail man is harmless, we could ask the birds not to poop on our cars and we could listen to their endless stories of everything they observe in a day. I think the point of all my random thoughts is this, communication is an important and valuable tool and while we may not be able to talk to the animals we encounter every day we can talk to other people.  Unfortunately we often forget that we have that ability, we sometimes think that by communicating our feelings we are being difficult or dramatic. I do wish animals could tell people how they are feeling and what they need but I also wish that we would use communication more often then we do. I wish people would be quicker to express themselves instead of hiding what they really feel. Now, I’m not saying that people should act out in fits of anger or tell their struggles to everyone they meet no matter how much it hurts. What I’m saying is this we need to take more advantage of this important tool that we have. Feeling left out in your group of friends ? Tell Them how you feel. Struggling with the amount of work or homework you have ? Talk to a coworker ,your boss , classmate or teacher. Some people may think that being open and honest with your feelings makes you week but the truth is it’s one of the smartest things a person can do. by speaking up you may discover that it can help you to solve problems , lead you to people who can assist you with things you may be struggling with, make good relationships better and end relationships that are not healthy and maybe it will make you feel more confident. So you may not be able to tell your dog that its  not necessary to  bark every time a car goes by or ask your fish what decorations they would like to have in their tank but you can tell your friends that your thankful for them, you can tell everyone that asks that you haven’t decided on a career choice yet and you can even ask others if they have anything bottled up inside that they would like to share.  Next time you have something you need to get of your chest remember be respectful , be honest and be a communicator! PS. I wish I could nicely ask my cat to move over on the couch so I can lay down!

Rock On – Christina Epperly

Random and fun facts about me :)

Hello , my bucket list friends .  I want to post on this blog as much as possible because I love writing so much . I thought it would be fun to do some and random facts about me so here we go !

Random facts about me !

  1. I have a few different collections . I made a you tube video about my snow globe collection ( you can watch it here ) but I also collect post cards , My Little pony toys , stuffed animals rubber ducks , and I have smaller collections of key chains and magnets . Take a look at my bedroom tour video ( right here ) to see glimpse of some of my other collections !



2.  I have three amazing rescue cats

I have three beautiful cats the First two Sherri and Blanca were adopted from the same animal shelter . Sherri in 2008 and Blanca in 2014 . Sherri was found walking around the street and had been at the shelter for three months . When I first met her , she stuck her head right in my purse and stole my heart . She is a sweet independent girl who can steal your heart with one look .  In 2014 I saw Blanca on the the shelter’s website she was a beautiful fluffy black cat who was estimated to be about 16 years old . Apparently she had been living in a home with other cats that were picking on her . When I went to the shelter to adopt her I found out that she had been brought there to be put down but there was not a medical reason to do so . She is such a sweet cat and I’m glad I was able to rescue her . She loves to cuddle ! Cooper joined our family in 2016 I was working at Talbots and my boss at the time told me that she was caring for a kitten that her neighbor had found in a trashcan outside of a mall . She was looking for a home for him and I was able to adopt him . I named him Cooper after Alice Cooper .  He is so full of energy and curiosity it’s been so much fun watching him grow into the amazing cat he is today .




3. I miss horse back ridding !

When I was a kid I loved horses. I had many toy horses and I enjoyed watching movies about horses.  I took ridding lessons and even went to horse camp but I really can’t remember when the last time I road a horse was but I hope I can ride again very soon !



4. I love peppermint !

I have loved candy canes for as long as I can remember . Of course I love the round peppermints too but I get so excited when the candy canes come out in stores. They have many different flavors of candy canes now but peppermint is my favorite ! I also love things that are peppermint scented like soap and of course peppermint essential oil !

5. I was on the mock trial team my senior year of high school

I had so much fun being apart of the mock trial team I wish I would have done it all four years ! I remember being so nervous to go to real court room and sit in a real witness stand  but I ended up really liking being apart of the team and I by the end of it I think I found being in the court room more exciting than scary .


That’s all for this time

Rock on – Christina Epperly


March 2017 comfort zone buster plus 2017 check in


Hello my bucket list friends! The year is flying by so fast we are already in spring and March is ending. I thought it would be a good time to give you my 2017 update but first let’s start off with my comfort zone buster for March. Pretty much everyone has a bad habit I decided to use my mothy comfort zone buster to help me break one of mine I have a bad habit of saying sorry a lot. I say it every day many times a day even for things that are not my fault so for this month I decided to try to break my habit of saying sorry all the time. I came across something online that said to replace sorry with thank you. I thought that was a really good idea so I started doing that. I liked how instead of saying I was sorry I would thank others for helping me or for being kind.  Things were going really well but I found myself slipping and saying sorry more and more. Epically the day I was supervising my kitten Cooper outside and he ran up a tree and got stuck for hours. We had to call a tree service to come and get him down. I said sorry a lot that day! I really want to continue working on saying sorry less so I’m going to continue this confront zone buster into April. Now it’s time for an update on my year so far . If I had to describe it in one word it would be intense . Back in January the area I live in got hit with some strong storms. In my neighborhood, we had seven power poles fall and power was out for about four days. Around the same time my cat Blanca was having health problems, she is fine now Praise God! This year so far has been filled with money problems, strong emotions and lots of stress. I don’t mean to be so negative and I know every year has its ups and downs but this year so far, the downs are outweighing the ups. I know that God has a plan for me and I trust him. Things are already starting to turn around and I hope to have some list items crossed off soon!  In the comments below Let me know what helped you get through a hard time in your life.

Before I end this blog post I want to let all of you know that I created a 2nd Instagram page @bucketlisterchristina to showcase my art, photography, and bucket list adventures. You can find my Social media page information in the about section of this blog including my YouTube channel where I release weekly bucket list vlogs!

Rock on – Christina Epperly

#129 visit a cat cafe

Hello bucket list friends! I’m proud to announce that I have crossed off my first bucket list item of 2016! I’m also happy to say that there will be more list items crossed off soon but for now let me tell you about the latest item I have crossed off my bucket list!
#129 visit a cat café – crossed off January 2016
I love cats! I have two cats at home so when I heard about cat cafes I knew I had to put this on my list. The closest cat café is about an hour away from where I live so I was super excited and thankful when my cousin agreed to drive to the café. I made reservations on my phone because it is a pretty popular place and reservations are highly recommended. We were about an hour early for our reservation so we shopped at a nearby good will until it was time to go meet the cats! I was very excited when we got there and I was not at all disappointed. I had a great time petting the cats and drinking chai. It was a really enjoyable experience. All the cats there are available for adoption or they have already been adopted and are waiting to go to their forever home. There were some really great cats there and I wish I could have adopted one but I don’t think my cats at home would have been happy about that. Overall it was an amazing experience and I really hope that I get to go back some time and meet some more awesome cats! I highly recommend this more all cat lovers!

Rock on – Christina Epperly