March 2017 comfort zone buster plus 2017 check in


Hello my bucket list friends! The year is flying by so fast we are already in spring and March is ending. I thought it would be a good time to give you my 2017 update but first let’s start off with my comfort zone buster for March. Pretty much everyone has a bad habit I decided to use my mothy comfort zone buster to help me break one of mine I have a bad habit of saying sorry a lot. I say it every day many times a day even for things that are not my fault so for this month I decided to try to break my habit of saying sorry all the time. I came across something online that said to replace sorry with thank you. I thought that was a really good idea so I started doing that. I liked how instead of saying I was sorry I would thank others for helping me or for being kind.  Things were going really well but I found myself slipping and saying sorry more and more. Epically the day I was supervising my kitten Cooper outside and he ran up a tree and got stuck for hours. We had to call a tree service to come and get him down. I said sorry a lot that day! I really want to continue working on saying sorry less so I’m going to continue this confront zone buster into April. Now it’s time for an update on my year so far . If I had to describe it in one word it would be intense . Back in January the area I live in got hit with some strong storms. In my neighborhood, we had seven power poles fall and power was out for about four days. Around the same time my cat Blanca was having health problems, she is fine now Praise God! This year so far has been filled with money problems, strong emotions and lots of stress. I don’t mean to be so negative and I know every year has its ups and downs but this year so far, the downs are outweighing the ups. I know that God has a plan for me and I trust him. Things are already starting to turn around and I hope to have some list items crossed off soon!  In the comments below Let me know what helped you get through a hard time in your life.

Before I end this blog post I want to let all of you know that I created a 2nd Instagram page @bucketlisterchristina to showcase my art, photography, and bucket list adventures. You can find my Social media page information in the about section of this blog including my YouTube channel where I release weekly bucket list vlogs!

Rock on – Christina Epperly


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