My review of Coca-Cola’s new flavor Y3000

Hello, my bucket list, friends! It is time for another dink review! When I first heard that Coca-Cola was coming out with a new flavor that was made with the help of AI, I knew I had to try it! I’ve so far enjoyed trying the other flavors in the creations series. I was very curious to see what this flavor would taste like. On the bottle, it says that it is futuristic flavored. After trying the soda, I can say that I’m not sure what the future tastes like, but it’s pretty good. I don’t get a lot of the original coke flavor in this drink, and I’m not sure how to describe it. I kind of taste a candy flavor with maybe some cherry flavor in there. Honestly, I can’t really place it, but I like it. If you like sweet sodas you will probably like this. I do recommend trying this, but it will be prepared for a taste that is pleasant but confusing.

Thank you for reading this review! – Christina Epperly


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