I tried Nitro Pepsi

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Sometimes, I see interesting things while I’m at the grocery store that I want to try and review. Nitro Pepsi is one of those items. I’ve had the can sitting in my refrigerator for a while now, and last night, I decided to finally try it and review it. Typically, when it comes to soda, I drink it straight from the can. However, when I looked at the instructions online, it said to pour the soda into a tall glass with no ice. It also said to turn the can completely upside-down when you are pouring it. I followed the directions so I could give an accurate review. I also set up my phone on the counter and recorded the process of me pouring and trying the soda. With all that being said, let’s get to the actual review part. I had a lot of fun pouring the soda. It was pretty normal at first, but when the foam appeared, it made me really happy. You can see my smile in the screenshots I took from the video. It was really fun to pour the soda and watch the foam come to the top. I had to sip it at one point so it would not overflow. As for the taste of the soda, it was smooth and very easy to drink. I drank it a lot faster than I usually drink soda. It had that wonderful cola taste that soda drinkers love. I highly recommend trying Nitro Pepsi at least once, especially if you are a soda fan. I do have to say that my favorite part of Nitro Pepsi was pouring it into the glass. Watching the foam just made me really happy.

Thanks for reading my review of Nitro Pepsi .

Rock on – Christina Epperly

Unicorn sparkling water!

Hello, my bucket list friends! Once again I saw something at CVS that I just had to try ! This time it was unicorn sparkling water. I drink sparkling water all the time and I love unicorns so this looked like the perfect product for me. The box and the cans are both decorated with unicorns. The cans are smaller then normal but that did matter to me it just made the box easier to carry! The water had an amazing flavor! It tasted like candy and that’s pretty impressive because there is no sugar in it. I enjoyed everything about this sparkling water. I’m going to have to get more soon because I have already almost finished the box!

Rock On – Christina Epperly

Fun with food and drink

Everyone loves food so chances are that if you have a bucket list you probably have some food related items on your list so here are some of the  food and drink items that I have crossed off my bucket list so far. Note – Some of the following list items contain the consumption of alcohol. I’m of legal drinking age and I do not in any way promote or condone underage drinking or irresponsible drinking. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol abuse you can go to https://ncadd.org/index.php for help and information .

Number 91. make jolly ranchers suckers crossed off 11/18/12
When I was looking through Pinterest I saw some pictures showing how to make Jolly Rancher suckers and I knew I had to add it to my list! I love hard candy and lollypops so I knew that I would love making these suckers. They were really easy to make and they tasted amazing!

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Number 35. Play beer pong. Crossed off 1/14/2014
This is a classic college game some might even say that it is a rite of passage! Since I did not go to a four year college, I never really had a chance to play it. This is one list item that I did not plan ahead of time. My friend knew that this was on my bucket list and while we were at the store before going to my house she asked if I wanted to cross it off the night of course I said yes because I love crossing things off my bucket list . We played the game that night I was not very good at it but it was a lot of fun! It was worth playing.

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#43 become a vegetarian . Crossed off 9/1/12
I had tried to be a vegetarian before but it did not last very long because I was not prepared and I had not done research about how to eat right. When I decided to cross off this list item I did lots of research and I set a date when I was going to go Vegetarian. I was successful this time and I have been a vegetarian for almost three years now! I love being a vegetarian I have gotten to try all kinds of food that I probably would have not tried before.


#9 try bud light platinum Crossed off 5/30/12
Bud light is my favorite beer and when I saw that bud light platinum was coming out I was very excited to try it , so I added it to my list . When I got to drink it I really enjoyed the taste. I still like the original better but I’m glad I put this one on my list it was definitely worth trying .



#74 make up a recipe Crossed off March 2015
This one kind of just happened I ended up making a very simple and kind of weird sandwich but I love it and it felt good to cross one more thing off my list .
Awesome gooey surprise sandwich

Recipe by Christina Epperly
1. Two pieces of any kind of sliced bread
2. Two slices of pepper jack cheese
3. Mustard

1. Take both slices of bread and lay them out on a microwavable plate
2. Put one slice of pepper jack cheese on each slice of bread ,Then put the slices together
3. Put bread and cheese in the microwave for 30 seconds
4. Take sandwich out of microwave and pull pieces of bread apart (be careful cheese will be hot )
5. Put a dot of mustard in the middle of the cheese on each slice of bread
6. Put the slices together and eat !


#84 eat an entire bottle of whipped cream in one sitting . Crossed off 11/26/12
Now this one was pretty easy but also crazy to cross off , I bought a bottle of whipped cream and then when I got home I sat down in the living room and I started to empty the can it was fun because I have a major sweet tooth but I started to feel a little sick after a while so I drank some water. I was happy when I was finally finished. I’m glad I did this one but I don’t want to do it again. 004 006 066

#90 try deep fried Twinkies crossed off 6/23/12
Trying new food can be lots of fun so I decided to put this on my list because I knew that it would be very interesting to try. One summer day at the boardwalk I decided to cross this list item off. The deep fried Twinkies were pretty good, it was not amazing but it is worth trying at least once.


Happy bucket listing – Christina Epperly