The weekend where I spilled a lot of coffee, but I also got Hot Wheels cars

Hello, my bucket list, friends! This weekend was a bit of a roller coaster!There were lots of ups and downs, but I’m once again reminded that God is in control, and it’s a good thing that he is in charge, and I’m not.

Friday – This day was the most normal of the three days. I went to work and enjoyed my time in the plant store. I must be breathing really good air because there are a lot of plants in the small store. Before work, I went and got Starbucks, and I also got Starbucks after work. However, this is the one day I’m gonna tell you about where I didn’t spill coffee everywhere! After my second trip to Starbucks,my mom and I went to Whole Foods. I got some good stuff there, but the two items that I was the most excited about were a tin of cinnamon mints and a box of fruit snacks. I got a different brand of fruit snack than I normally do. However, this brand also comes with trading cards! It was a good way to start the weekend.

Saturday – This day started off pretty well. I was working the closing shift at work. I spent the morning taking it easy at home. Before work,we went to get coffee. After picking up the coffee, we went to Safeway. As we were in the Safeway parking lot, the lid fell off my coffee as I was holding it. Coffee went everywhere! My jeans were soaked with coffee! I hate wearing wet denim. It is so uncomfortable. The good thing was that I had a backpack in the car that had clothes in it. I put a towel over my lap and quickly changed. However, the pants I got out of the backpack were actually capris, so that meant I had to get a razor to make my legs appropriate. I was stressed, but I was looking forward to getting Kinder Joy eggs in Safeway. I got four Kinder Joy eggs, but I also got some Hot Wheels cars. There was a sale on them. One of the cars that I got is a model of a car made in the 80s. The other one looks like it’s covered in toy blocks. I was happy to get some more toys to add to my collection. When I got back to the car, I used lotion to shave my legs. I felt relieved because everything fell into place. The coffee incident was stressful, but I was ready to go to work anyway. I was happy to see my plant friends, and I made a cute reel about working in a plant store. ( My Instagram username is summerrockstar if you want to see it ) Oh, and it was also Alice Cooper’s birthday. I made a special post for his birthday. The day turned out well, even though it had a very stressful moment.

Sunday – I had the day off, but I did go into work for a moment to help with something really quickly. After that, we went to Starbucks. I would soon find out that I was not done with spilling coffee all over myself. While I was ordering coffee on my phone, I accidentally ordered two of my drinks instead of one for me and one for my mom. I did another order for her. I thought that would be the end of my coffee problems, but I was wrong. First, during a turn, the two coffees in the cup holder tipped over and spilled all over my mom while she was driving. The good thing was that there was still plenty of coffee in the drinks that tipped over. However, the drink that I was holding in my lap fell over shortly after the other coffees tipped over. This time, all of the coffee spilled out. This was very stressful, but at least I still had a coffee to drink. The good thing is that the day got better because we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant. The food was amazing. It was a good end to a kind of crazy day.

Thanks for reading about my coffee spilling weekend

Rock On- Christina Epperly


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