Blogmas day 5 coffee and an inflatable snowman

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Here we are on day five of blogmas. Yesterday I got a new outdoor decoration that I’m really excited about. Plus I have more things to tell you about so let’s get to it. I started the day by going to church. Later on, my dad and I went to town to do some errands. Our first stop was the hardware store. As soon as I walked into the store, I saw a display of Christmas items.I got two items from the display in the front. I got a necklace that has lights and bells on it, and a pair of fuzzy socks decorated like Snowman. Then I saw some Christmas ornaments, and I chose a fox ornament, but it was a hard choice between the bear and the fox. I continued to look at the Christmas items, and I was excited when I saw an inflatable snowman that was at an affordable price. I was excited to get the Snowman, and I was also excited to set him up outside. I also got a candy cane at the hardware store. After the hardware store, we went to Starbucks! I got the same drink that I did the day before, but I think next time, I’ll get a peppermint mocha because I haven’t had many of them this year. Our last stop was the grocery store. I got some of my favorite things there like fruit and Kinder Joy eggs. I also got chips shaped like Christmas trees. When we got back home, we put up some more outside lights. We also put up my Snowman! I love the way my Snowman looks with the rest of the lights!

Rock On- Christina Epperly


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