My super fun Christmastime and December 2022 bucket list!

Hello, my bucket list friends! It is time for my last seasonal bucket list of the year! However, before I get to my bucket list I wanted to announce that I will be participating in blogmas this year! I hope to do blog posts on some of these seasonal bucket list items as I cross them off. I’m also really hoping to cross off more regular bucket list items in this last month of 2022! I really want to end this year on a good note. Without anymore delay lets get to it!

  1. Make my gingerbread Target store the I already bought
  2. Cross three more items off of my regular bucket list
  3. Go to a Christmas themed event
  4. Get another tattoo
  5. Take part in a White Elephant exchange
  6. Get my voice over website set up
  7. Go to a Christmas party
  8. Go on a Dollar Tree shopping spree
  9. Go on a vacation
  10. go to a concert
  11. make three Christmas themed craft kits
  12. Read 10 or more books
  13. decorate cookies or cupcakes
  14. do a Christmas themed photoshoot
  15. Go to Build a Bear Workshop and make a Christmas themed plush
  16. do a review on flavored candy canes
  17. Add more designs to my Red Bubble store
  18. Go swimming
  19. get my nails done
  20. Go see a movie
  21. Get a Christmas themed Barbie (from any year)
  22. Have an epic New Year’s eve
  23. Go to a museum
  24. Go to a Christmas Eve Church service
  25. dance to Christmas music and post it on Instagram
  26. play with face paint and post it
  27. get to 500 or more blog followers
  28. Help others during Christmas time
  29. Draw a Christmas themed picture
  30. spend lot’s of time with family and friends

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great last month of 2022

Rock On- Christina Epperly


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