Fall Bucket list 2022 results

Hello, my bucket list friends! I know that fall is not officially over yet however I personally consider now to be the Christmas season so I decided to wrap up my fall bucket list and I will be coming out with a Christmas bucket list soon. With all that being said I do have one more thing to say before I remind you of what was on my fall bucket list. I did forget what I put on this list and life got busy as it often does. I hardly crossed anything off. Well there is always next year lol.

`1. Go to a concert – Nope

2. Go on a vacation for at least three days yes! I went to visit family in Idaho ( You can read about it HERE)

3. Cross three items off my regular bucket list – No it’s been too long since I’ve crossed any items off I really need to do something about that

4. Make a vegan recipe – No, but I did start working at a heath food store that sells a lot of vegan items.

5. Do five arts and crafts kits in one day – nope I did do some craft kits but not five in a day

6. Read five books – nope I didn’t read any books

7. Do a paid voice acting job – nope

8. Get my home studio fully set up – It’s not fully set up but I did make a lot of progress with it

9. Enter at least three writing contests-no looks like I entered one on Vocal Media

10. Visit a state park – no, but I did go to a national monument

11. Get a new tattoo – Nope I really want to get another one soon though

12. Ride a carousel – nope

13. Go on a day trip- Yes, I did go on a day trip while I was in Idaho

14. Take a bath with 10 bath bombs – no I just couldn’t make myself use that many on one bath

15. Publish ten or more stories on Vocal Media no I published some stories but not ten.

16. Do a room tour blog post -nope

17. Do at least three food or drink review blog posts- yes this is the one thing that I actually remembered being on the list that I made an effort to do.I even did more then three yay! ( You can read them HERE,HERE ,HERE and HERE)

18. Do a self timer photoshoot with my cat – I did two self timer photo shoots but my cat was not in them.

19. Make sidewalk chalk art – nope

20. Go swimming – nope

21. Eat frozen yogurt – I can’t remember but I don’t think so lol

22. Binge watch a show I’ve never seen before – Nope

23. Get 500 or more blog followers – Nope

24. Make a Playlist for next summer – Nope

25. Watch a 90s movie that I have never seen before – Nope

Well there you go that’s how my fall 2022 list went!

Thanks for reading

Rock On -Christina Epperly


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