One big bookclub post !

Hello,my bucket list friends! I know it may seem like it but I have not forgotten about the Light Heart bookclub. I’ve just gotten really behind. However I’m caught up now I even have done June’s book. From now on I decided to make things a little simpler. I’m not going to be  including an activity with my book discussions anymore. However I will still be discussing a book each month. I’m going to be doing reviews of a three books in this post so I can get caught up.As always there is just one more thing. The following post contains major plot points ( Spoilers ) for the book . If you want to read the book and haven’t yet, I suggest you wait to read this post until you have finished the book. Now, let’s get into our discussions!

My secret guide to Paris by Lisa Schroeder
I enjoyed reading this adventure filled book. Even though it was a major part of the book I wish that Nora’s grandmother would not have died. I personally feel like the story could have been told with her grandmother still alive. However that being said I did enjoy reading about Nora going on her epic scavenger hunt. I liked how Nora made a new friend on her trip. I also enjoyed seeing Nora and her mother grow closer.I would recommend this book Even though the subject matter is a little heavier then the books I usually read for this bookclub.

Real Beauty: 101 Ways to Feel Great about You by Therese Kauchak and Carol yoshizumi – This book from the American Girl library is a self help style book that is written for girls. However this book contains information that is valuable to any age. We all need a self confidence boost every now and then and this book may help you get one.

Hello Utah by Martha Day Zschock – I got this book at a gift shop in Utah. It is a children’s book for young children but it’s so cute,fun and light hearted. The pictures in this book are are so fun to look at. I couldn’t think of a better book for this month. This book is a very fun and very short read. I highly recommend this book.


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