Summer fun catch up

Hello my bucket list friends! I’ve been so busy writing posts about my Utah adventure that I wasn’t able to cover a lot of my other summer fun adventures. I thought It would be a good idea to do a catch up post of some other fun things I’ve been doing this summer! So here we go.

Art kits – I’ve done a few art kits this month. My favorite was the spin art kit where you used a spinning top to spread the colors around. I also did a paint your own magnet set and a painting dinosaur bank kit.

Barbie color reveal – I’ve revealed two dolls this month. Including one from a newer line. She has plastic hair with no wig or hair extensions which is different from the other dolls I’ve gotten. I really like this line of Barbie color reveal and I hope to get more.

Slurpees – I’ve been loving slurpees this month. I even got a fun straw with one of my slurpees.

Walk- I got to go on a walk on my favorite trail. It was a beautiful day. I hope I get to go on that trail again this summer.

A trip to Walgreens – Earlier this month, I went to Walgreens. My favorite thing I got was this elephant shaped popping toy. I also got a really awesome and colorful pair of flip flops.

Target adventure – When I got the new Barbie color reveal doll that I mentioned above I got other things too. Including bath bombs and another Barbie doll.

Goodwill – In addition to my Goodwill trip in Utah. I went to a local Goodwill this month as well. I found another Beanie baby for my collection. And I took a cute picture with it in the car.

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