More Vacation fun and #63

Hello to all my bucket list friends! This is an important reminder that summer is still with us for a little while longer and those back to school ads need to go away! Anyways despite these ads that are pushing the school year and fall on us summer is in full swing! I wrapped up another vacation to southern CA. This time I only crossed one thing of my bucket list but it was a really fun item to cross off and I’m really happy I got one more thing done! So let’s get to it!

1300 1439 1025#63. Ride a mechanical bull Crossed of July 2015
I was able to cross this one off at restaurant on Universal city walk. Ridding a mechanical bull is a lot of fun! It is also hard but, mostly fun! When I was on the bull people were cheering me on and that was really cool !The Whole experience was just amazing! I really want to do this one again! I’m really glad I had this one on my bucket list! – Rock on and live it up my friends ! – Christina Epperly1274



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