Creativity and self-expression

Creativity and self-expression
I consider myself to be a very creative person. I enjoy art and photography. I also like to express who I am by dressing in a fun creative way. It was important to me to have some creative items on my list. So far I have crossed of a few of those items. Here are some Creativity and self-expression list items that I have crossed off so far .

#26. buy a pair of white shoes and doodle on them Crossed off 8/11/12
Clothing is a great way to express yourself and when I saw this bucket list item on Pinterest I knew I had to add it to my list. It was easy to find a pair of white shoes and it was a lot of fun drawing and writing on the shoes ! I still have the shoes and I enjoying looking at this awesome piece of art .


53. paint with my feet 1/16/13
Almost everyone has done finger painting before but I thought it would be fun to try painting with my feet. I put an old towel down in my room and then I put some paper on top on the towel. Next all I had to do was to grab some washable paint and start getting creative. This list item was fun and relaxing. I enjoyed doing this one and I would do it again

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87 . get a small tattoo that means a lot done ! 12/14/13
Crossing off this one meant getting my 3rd tattoo and I was very excited to get another piece of art on my body . As many of you probably know I’m a Christian and my faith in God is very important to me. I got a heart with John 3:16 written underneath it. I love this tattoo I’m so glad I got it. This tattoo helps me to remember who I am .

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94. own a wreck this journal done ! 11/8/12
I saw this awesome journal on amazon and I knew I had to have it. I’ve completed some of the pages but I can’t wait until I complete it .


105. pierce my own ear done ! 11/16/12
I do not recommend this because it can be very dangerous. I pierced my ear in a bathroom using a pair of earrings shaped like stars. I was lucky and I did not get an infection and I do like the way that the piercings look but I know that it was a very risky thing to do . 014022 020 (2)– rock on everyone !Christina Epperly


My crazy dream is to cross everything off my bucket list ! Follow my blog to read about my bucket list adventures , travel , everyday life and other fun things !

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