My feelings and a bunch of other stuff

Hello, my bucket list friends! Happy Wednesday! There are times when I have a lot of random things I want to talk about. This is one of thoes times. This week the theme at the preschool where I teach is feelings and emotions. Due to that I thought would start out by talking about my feelings. This morning I’m feeling tired. Pretty much whenever I have to wake up to an alarm and I can’t wake up on my own, I’m tired. Most of the time in the mornings during the week I’m ready to go back to bed. As for my other feelings, I’m excited to watch the Amazing Race season premiere tonight. Fall TV season is here and I’m looking forward to seeing new episodes of some of my favorite shows. The Masked Singer also starts a new season tonight. Another thing I’m excited about is that I’ve written more posts for Vocal Media. I really love writing and I hope to be a published author one day. I write about a wide range of topics on Vocal Media including lists of blog post ideas. Here are links to my five favorite articles I’ve written for Vocal Media so far.

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Now, back to my feelings. I’m feeling sad about the fact that tomorrow is the first official day of fall. I wish we could skip fall and go right to Christmas. However, if I had to choose only one feeling to describe myself right now it would have to be motivated. I’m really determined to be a writer and voice actor. It’s a slow process but I try to keep working at it a little each day. I added donation boxes onto my about page and my bucket list page. To hopefully get some extra money from my blog. However if I don’t make any extra money it won’t bother me. I really love writing this blog and it’s worth more than money to me. If my words bring a smile to someone’s face that is worth more in my eyes. I wish we could pay bills with smiles but unfortunately that is not reality. If you would like to donate to me you can do so by going to my about page or my bucket list page from the menu on homepage of my blog but I want to make it clear that there is no pressure or expectation for anyone to do so .As I finish this blog post it is the end of the work day and once again I’m tired but I have some good TV to look forward to!

Thanks for reading!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

My top 5 Netflix Original series

Hello, my bucket list friends ! Like a lot of people I love watching Netflix ! Netflix is pretty good when comes to making its own orignal content . I thought it would be fun to share with you my top five favorite Netflix original series but before we get into my top five list here are my honorable mentions .

1, Alexa and Katie – The reason that is show is not on my top five is because I have only watched a few episodes  but I would already recommend watching this story of friendship, strength , and hope .  This series follows teenagers Alexa and Katie as they prepare to take on the world of high school . Things are a bit complicated for the two best friends because Alexa has been battling cancer and Katie is one of the few people who know it .


2. Shot in the Dark – This show focuses on two things that I love , journalism and the city of LA. This series follows journalists as they work to capture footage to sell to news stations . This a very exciting show that keeps you wondering what is going to happen next  .

3. Last Chance U – Some of you may know that I love to see people working towards their dreams and this show really captures that . The series focuses on a football team at a community college. The players struggle with a wide range of issues as they hope to be drafted by high-ranking college teams .

4, Girls incarcerated ( young and locked up ) –  This documentary series take us to jail a place that no teen girl wants to be.  This series is an eye-opening emotional roller coaster ride into the lives of some teen girls struggling with a wide verity of problems . It is a wild ride as you cheer them on through their ups and downs and some even return back home .


Ok now let’s get to the list and we are going to go backwards !

5. Nailed It – This new series is great if you are looking to watch something that is fun and light-hearted . Yes, it is a baking show but it is a baking show were everyday people try to recreate professional cakes and other baked goods . It is a fun and simple show that would be perfect for families to watch together .

4.Fuller House –  One of America’s favorite sitcom families returns for a fun and laugh filled reboot of the classic show . With DJ. as a widow and a mom of three boys she is back in her childhood home along with Kimmy and Stephanie who have come to help her raise her three boys . Kimmy also brings her teen daughter with her . Creating a whole new generation of kids growing up in the house we all know and love . Now this show did take me longer to watch then  some others on this list so I wouldn’t recommend it for binge watching but it a fun family show with plenty of laughs to go around  .

3. Green house academy  –  This may look like a run of the mill teenage drama at first glance but it so much more than that ! It is a thrilling and exciting mystery as we watch two siblings struggle to adjust to a new boarding school and discover the truth of what really happened to their mother . This show that had me hooked quickly and kept surprising me with almost every episode . If you have time to binge watch this might be just the show you are looking for .

2. Free Rein – This show reminds me a lot of the saddle clubs show that I used to watch in my pre teen and early teen years .  It is must for horse lovers and mystery lovers alike . The show focuses on a young teen girl discovering her love for horses but she soon discovers that there is more than ridding lessons going on at the stable by her grandpa’s house . It can move slow at times but overall it is a wonderful story that is addicting once you get in to it . If you enjoyed the Saddle Club this is a show you should take a look at .

  1. Lost and Found music studios – This show is amazing and I really hope there is another season . This show focuses on a music studio for teens wh are exploring a career in the music industry . This show has a lot of focus on following your dreams . It is pretty fast paced and easy to watch . It has many different story lines to keep your attention and will have you cheering on the success of the lost and found kids!


I hope you all enjoyed this top five list happy Netflix watching !

Rock on – Christina Epperly