Thrift shopping, Pez dispensers, and sunshine

Hello, my bucket list, friends! This is another one of those weekends in review posts. The best thing about this weekend was the sunshine! There has been a lot of much needed rain in my area this month, but it was nice to see the sun out. This weekend was pretty normal, but it was also pretty good, so let’s get to it!

Friday – On this day, I opened the store where I work. Before my shift, I went and got coffee at the local coffee shop that I usually go to before work. Work went well, and after work, I decided to go to my favorite local thrift store. This store has limited hours, so I was happy that I had a little bit of time to go there after work. At the thrift store, I got some American Girl books, some stickers, and a Disney World postcard. However, my very favorite thing that I got is a Barbie puzzle from the 1990s. The puzzle has all of the pieces, but it no longer has the stickers that it originally came with. I’m so happy I went to the thrift store after work. When I was done at the thrift store, I met my mom nearby, and we went to Starbucks and the park. It was a very beautiful day and I really enjoyed being at the park. This day was a great way to start the weekend.

Saturday – On this day, I worked the closing shift. Before work, I went on a walk to go see my favorite ponies. I had not seen them in a while, so it was good to see them again. We brought them carrots, and they were very happy about that. After our walk, I went on a few errands, including going to Walgreens to get new Pez dispensers. I also got Kinder Joy eggs at Safeway and bananas with Disney stickers on them at Trader Joe’s. Even after running errands, I still had time to go to my regular local coffee shop before work. It was very beautiful outside, so I walked around a little outside before work began. My shift went well, and it was a good day overall.

Sunday – It was another beautiful day, and I really enjoyed the sunshine! I went to Starbucks, and I got an iced coffee. I also worked the closing shift it was a normal but good day!

Thanks for reading about my weekend !

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