Things I love October 2022

Hello, my bucket list friends! Well we said goodbye to October. Now it’s November somehow! This year as flown by I feel like at this rate it will be New Year’s Eve in a blink of an eye! However we are not there yet so for now let’s take a look back at the things I loved in October 2022.

Creators of the moon and Idaho fun –  I ended the month with a fun trip to Idaho to visit family and do some exploring. You can read about my adventure HERE 

Leaving my career in childcare- I’m so happy that I walked away from this stressful career. You can read about it HERE, and HERE  

Girls day – After leaving the world of childcare I had a great day with my friend. You can read about this wonderful day HERE)

Getting a massage and going to Claire’s – I had a good evening at the mall this month. You can read about it HERE

Caramel apple cups – I got to try a great candy this month you can read about it HERE.

My new job! I got a new job that I love! You can read a little about it HERE.

Thank you reading about the things I loved this month. I hope you have a great November!

Rock on – Christina Epperly


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