Fall bucket list 2022

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’m really sad that summertime is pretty much over and that my least favorite season is here. I mean it’s not officially fall but it is culturally. After Labor Day summer is considered to be over. Anyways I thought I would do a fall bucket list this year to help distract me from the fact that another summer is coming to an end. I decided to put some summer things on this list to help keep the summer feeling going. With all that being said here is my list for this year.

1. Go to a concert

2. Go on a vacation for at least three days

3. Cross three items off my regular bucket list

4. Make a vegan recipe

5. Do five arts and crafts kits in one day –

6. Read five books

7. Do a paid voice acting job

8. Get my home studio fully set up

9. Enter at least three writing contests

10. Vist a state park

11. Get a new tattoo

12. Ride a carousel

13. Go on a day trip

14. Take a bath with 10 bath bombs

15. Publish ten on more stories on Vocal Media

16. Do a room tour blog post

17. Do at least three food or drink review blog posts

18. Do a self timer photoshoot with my cat

19. Make sidewalk chalk art

20. Go swimming

21. Eat frozen yogurt

22. Binge watch a show I’ve never seen before

23. Get 500 or more blog followers

24. Make a Playlist for next summer

25. Watch a 90s movie that I have never seen before

Rock On- Christina Epperly


My crazy dream is to cross everything off my bucket list ! Follow my blog to read about my bucket list adventures , travel , everyday life and other fun things !

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