My collections!! :)

Hello, my bucket list friends! I know I’ve talked a lot about my collections on this blog. I have been asked to show you some pictures of my collections so here we go! My room is very disorganized however I put  some of my favorite items on my bed to photograph them. First off I’ll start with my Barbie collection.

Barbie – I had a lot of Barbie dolls as a kid that I wish I would have kept. However I’m pretty sure I have more Barbie dolls now then I did then. Below are  pictures of some of my dolls. This isn’t my whole collection but it’s a lot of it.

Beanie babies – This also something I had as a kid. I don’t know if I had more then I do now or not. However I do remember how excited I got when I realized I had 100 beanie babies Anyways here are some of my beautiful TY Beanie babies.

American Girl dolls – I have five American Girl dolls. Two of them were ordered from the American Girl website the others cane from Ebay. I hope to continue expanding this collection.

Thank you so much for reading!

Rock On- Christina Epperly


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5 thoughts on “My collections!! :)

  1. I really enjoyed seeing your collections, Christina 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to upload these photos – this was a nice surprise. Your beanie babies reminded me so much of my beanie baby collection that I still have to this day 🥰 I think I had maybe 5 Barbie dolls but I had the Stacy doll too (she was smaller) if I remember correctly…. It was part of the tobogganing collection. I also had the Barbie picnic set and dentist Barbie, along with a mermaid Barbie that changed colors in water!

      1. No problem! Im glad that you had fun taking these photos 🙂 It’s fun to change things up sometimes and you never know what you’ll discover along the way!

        That’s a great question! I used to know the answer to your question. My beanie babies are at my parents’ house which I plan to rescue one day. I moved across the country (over 2000 miles away) so it’s hard to transport my stuff here. Knowing my parents, I don’t really trust them… they’ve thrown out my stuff in the past but I told them many times to save my beanie babies since they’re important to me. I’m guessing that I have approx. 40+ beanie babies? I also have some of the larger beanie babies (8-10 larger ones), and 3 miniature happy meal ones from MCDs. Out of all of my beanie babies, I only tore off one tag which was the first beanie I ever had… it was a cheetah. It’s funny how my memories of these beanie babies are still vivid!

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