Life after vacation December 2021

Hello,my bucket list friends! I haven’t finished writing my posts about my amazing vacation yet. However since coming back from vacation my life has been a little on the crazy side and I need to talk about it. The day after we got back from Florida, Sherri our fifteen year old cat was not acting like herself. On Monday night we took her to an Emergency vet and it turned out she was a lot sicker then I thought. She had an infection and her kidneys were not doing well at all. I knew that she had kidney disease but I didn’t realize how advanced it was. She ended up being hospitalized until Wednesday. I did realize just how much this was bothering me until Thursday. I have to leave work early because I broke out in a rash. I didn’t know what it was at first. I walked to CVS to get medicine to stop the itching. While I was there I got a My little pony toy. I was feeling pretty bad but I got excited when I saw it on the shelf. It turned out that my rash was a stress rash. My rash kept on coming back and I’m still not over it yet. Friday night I got some relief from my stress when I went to a local light display drive through with Amy and my parents. On Saturday I visited one of my favorite local stores called Affordable Treasures and celebrated my dad’s birthday. Sunday we went to a family party. I’m trying not to stress but my emotions have been all over the place. It doesn’t help that it is a very busy time of year right now. I do work at a school but we are not out for Christmas break until Christmas Eve. Things have not been the easiest lately but yesterday we got some encouraging news. Sherri went to the vet again and the vet gave her longer to live then she originally told us. some other good news is last week I went to Target and I finished my Christmas shopping I also got a snowboarding Barbie doll and other fun things. I know it’s not something I usually say on my blog but I could really use your prayers right now. My depression has been acting up lately. Sometimes optimism is hard to find. Oh before I end this blog post I do have something exciting to tell you about. I started taking voice acting lessons! I had my first class on Sunday and it went really well. I’m excited to see where this adventure will take me. Thanks for reading!

Rock On- Christina Epperly


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