Light Heart book club discussion December 2020

Hello, my bucket list friends! I know I’m super late with this post but here it finally is ! Our book for December was Barbie a perfect Christmas by Marilyn Easton. This book was truly a light hearted and fun read. I’m excited to discuss it with you but as always there is just one more thing. The following post contains major plot points ( Spoilers ) for the book . If you want to read the book and haven’t yet, I suggest you wait to read this post until you have finished the book. Now, let’s get into our discussion!

Light Heart book club discussion December 2020

My favorite part of the book – My favorite part of this book was reading the parts about the dogs. I’m easily distracted by dogs even in books!

My least favorite part of the book – In the beginning of the book, Barbie and her sisters were on a plane that had to make an unscheduled landing. That would be a scary situation to be in.

Activity – Snow played a big part in the plot of this story. A fun a simple craft that goes along with this book ,is making paper snowflakes. I did this during blogmas you can read about it HERE.


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