Blogmas day 19 Christmas Barbie !

Hello, my bucket list friends! Earlier this month I got a Christmas themed Barbie from Target. Today was the day I finally took her out of the box. I just have to say I love her earrings and I love her dress. I would wear a dress like hers but I’d have to pass on those high heels! I also really like the cardboard background that came with this doll . Maybe I’ll use it for an arts and crafts project. Have you seen any cool Christmas themed toys this year?

Rock On – Christina Epperly


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5 thoughts on “Blogmas day 19 Christmas Barbie !

  1. I agree that this doll is a good find and her dress is cuter than any of the clothes I own lol

    This is going to sound weird, but my husband found an unopened, never been unpackaged Barbie bride doll in a box that someone had left next to the dumpster. He took it home and gave it to our 4-year old daughter.

      1. Right? I think you would have been horrified to see that abandoned box lol You would be amazed at the kinds of things people throw away, like a never-been-used Paw Patrol Life Jacket and an Ikea side-table!

        My favourite find was a painting of a sunset and palm trees (probably from a Paint Night I’m guessing). The painting now lives in my living room. 😊🌴🌴

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