Light Heart book club discussion November 2020

Hello, my bucket list friends ! In November our book club went back to the 80s. This month’s book was Courtney changes the game by – Kellen Hertz. I’m excited to get into our discussion and activity for this book but as always there is just one more thing. The following post contains major plot points ( Spoilers ) for the book . If you want to read the book and haven’t yet, I suggest you wait to read this post until you have finished the book. Now, let’s get into our discussion!

My favorite part of the book – I loved the part of the book when Courtney went with her mom and step sister to the salon. I was excited for her when she got her ears pierced. I also liked the part of the book where County appeared with her mom on a local talk show.

Activity – For this month’s book I decided to just do one activity. In the book Courtney decides to design a video game for a class project. I enjoyed reading about Courtney’s game idea. I thought it would be fun to come up with my own video game idea. If I were to make a video game I would make a scavenger hunt game. The main character In my game is Lara Finder. One day Lara finds a scavenger hunt list in the park. Once she completes that list she begins to find even more lists. Her cat soda joins her on her adventures. The Last scavenger hunt brings her to the person who has been making all the lists for her.

Before I end This post I want to say really loved this book and I cant wait to read Courtney’s next book. Also you may have noticed that I did not include the thing I liked the least about the book. I thought it was best to keep this post light and fun. Happy reading. Rock On – Christina Epperly

Here is the picture I drew of Lara Finder


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