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Hello, my bucket list friends as part of this month’s comfort zone buster to write more personal blog posts, I’m going to be sharing one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my life.

For as long as I can remember success has largely been associated with two things, being rich and being in romantic relationship.   From what I have seen the majority of people in the public eye have at least one of these things. I’ll be the first one to say that I often found myself feeling like I was failure and overall an unsuccessful person. In reality, I was successful I just could not see it because the idea of success that I was buying into was all wrong. Being single and living pay check to pay check or struggling to find a job does not make you unsuccessful.  Looking back now, I see a trail of success behind me. I was successful at growing up with undiagnosed OCD and facing the challenges that came with it including my own faith (you can read about it HERE ) I succeed at discovering I had OCD , I’ve been successful in making some wonderful friends and building close connections with family, I’ve been successful in crossing many things off my bucket list , I was successful at discovering my love for drawing , writing , photography , working with children and massage . I was successful when I earned two certificates in early childhood education and I was able to go on have a positive impact on many children and show them God’s love. The list of things I’ve been successful at goes on and on. The thing is though some would say that I’m not a successful person because I’m in debt, I’ve never had a boyfriend, I don’t own my own house or car I don’t even drive. The big life lesson that I mentioned at the beginning of this post is success is a matter of opinion it is not a fact. Everyone looks at success in different way. I decided to ask my Facebook friends what they thought success was. Before for I tell you what my definition of success is let’s look at what some of my friends had to say.


Success is when you’re talents and gifts are recognized in a awesome manner that is valued to others and yourself. – Jenni

When on your death bed, being able to say that you’ve accomplished all you wanted to in life. – Sarah

Being able to maintain the perfect life/work balance by enjoying what you do, making enough money for a decent living and not working more than 40 hours a week or weird shifts – Breanna

Perseverance for starters. To keep moving and to fight for what you want and knowing you’ve accomplished your goals in life – Karen

  1. Living a God filled life
  2. Having a long, loving marriage.
  3. Having raised children who are happy & healthy and want to visit you after they have moved out.

4.Loving your vocation & doing it well.

5.Having a great group of friends.

  1. Being happy in your own skin & having that reflected back to you while out in the world.


Live life 2 the fullest all ure hard work will pay off enjoy what life gives u take a mental health day – Kate


As you can see my friends had some pretty awesome things to say about success and as promised here is my personal definition of success. To me success is finding what your love in life, taking the time to explore many opportunities and  doing your best to help others .

I hope you enjoyed this blog post

Rock on – Christina Epperly



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