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Hello, my bucket list friends! This past weekend I went on a fun day trip to the Walt Disney family museum in San Francisco. It was just the break I needed from work and school. I have been very busy this year and I was so blessed to have a weekend where I didn’t have to go to work or school it was the perfect opportunity for a day trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum.  After about an hour drive my mom and I arrived at the museum. Parking was easy to find and pay for, we parked in the lot right behind the museum. When we got inside the museum, we bought our tickets and walked around the lobby area looking at all the awards that Walt Disney had received. There were many cases of awards. After looking around the lobby area, we went to the gift shop and I got some cool souvenirs. Then it was time to enter the main area of the museum. The first room was all about Walt’s early life as we went through each of the rooms a new time in Walt’s life was showcased. I got more and more amazed with everything there was to see in each room. The originals drawings were wonderful it was so much fun to see early Mickey Mouse merchandise. The museum had Walt’s family pictures as well and items from the first Disney movies and cartoons. My favorite room was the Disneyland room, there was a model of Disneyland park it was breath taking! I hope that I get to go back to the museum some day because there is so much to see. After walking through the museum, we ate lunch at the café in the museum I really enjoyed the food. Overall I highly recommend this museum to any Disney fan. It was a perfect day to spend my day off from school.

Rock on – Christina Epperly


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