2016 Wrap up

Hello bucket list friends, as usual the year has gone by very fast. it always seems to start out slow and then before you know it it’s over. Anyways I thought now would be a good time to reflect on some of the things that happened in my life this year.


The Good

2016 was full of good things for me. The thing that stands out the most is that I got to go on some amazing vacations. This year I went to San Diego, New York, Disneyland, and Disneyworld . San Diego was my first trip of the year and I would love to go back some time. (you can read about it here ) When I went to New York it was my first time on the east coast . We technically landed in New Jersey so  that was my first east coast state but we spent our time exploring the exciting city of New York . ( you can read about my first east coast adventure here ) When I went to Disneyland in September it was not just to go on vacation but it was to cross complete the Disneyland half marathon off my bucket list . It was not an easy thing to do but I did it. (you can read about it here) The last vacation of 2016 was Disney world. I had been dreaming of going there for a long time and it was amazing to finally go there! (you can read about my great adventures in Disney World here) Going on some wonderful vacations was not the only good thing that happened this year. One of my favorite memories of this year was going to the Hollywood Vampires concert it was an awesome night that I will never forget. (you can read about it here) 2016 also brought me a new family member my kitten Cooper. Cooper was found in a trash can by neighbors of my boss. Neither the neighbors or my boss were able to keep him and I was more than happy to take him in. I have never a kitten before my cats were always older when I adopted them. In case you don’t know kittens have a lot of energy ! He is always running around and getting in to everything but he brings me such joy. I’m so happy that was able to give him a home. Even though he is a wild man I love him. I was also able to cross off 9 things from my bucket list this year. Many other good things happened this year including completing more 5k races, going to see a bunch of movies, spending time with my family and friends and doing some of the things I love most such as shopping and photography . As next year approaches I look forward to all the good things that are to come.



The bad

When I think about the bad things that happened to me this year one thing really stands out, getting the norovirus. The norovirus is like the worst flu you can think of times ten. I had no energy at all. I was in a lot of pain and I could not eat. I had to drink a lot of sports drinks to keep from getting dehydrated I had to miss work and I spent the majority of my days on the couch. I was miserable. This is a good reminder that every year brings with it new challenges to overcome but I will keep reminding myself to trust in God.




The unexpected

One very unexpected thing happened to me this year. (you can read about it here) in summery this is what happened. I thought my career as a preschool teacher was going to last a lot longer than it did. I was under a lot of stress in the child care field and then I was fired it was unexpected. if you would have told me last year that I would be back in school this year for a whole new career I would have told you that you were crazy, but here I am. Life is truly unexpected you never know for sure what’s going to happen next.


Rock on Christina Epperly


My crazy dream is to cross everything off my bucket list ! Follow my blog to read about my bucket list adventures , travel , everyday life and other fun things !

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