#24 donate blood

Hello my bucket list friends! I’m very happy because I just crossed off a really awesome item off of my list! Not only was it a new and exciting experience but it also helped to save lives. I can’t wait to tell you all about it so let’s get going!


#24 donate blood – Crossed off February 2016
This list item is a very important one because blood donation is something that is very much needed. When I decided to cross this list item off I went online and I found a blood drive near me and I signed up online it was very simple to do. I made an appointment for after work. I was one of the last appointments of the day so there was no line when I walked in. I was nervous because I had never donated blood before and I did not know what to expect but the staff were all very helpful and friendly and that helped to make me more comfortable. The process was pretty simple I signed in took some simple heath tests and then I answered a few questions. After that was done it was time to give blood. I got scared when the needle was being put in my arm but I had my phone to distract me. After that I just relaxed until it was all done. I felt a little dizzy after but after having some food and juice I felt better. I want to give blood again so I can help more people.

Rock on – Christina Epperly


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