Book club discussion June 2020

Hello,my bucket list friends! Now is the time to discuss June’s book for the Light Heart book club.This month’s book is Genie wishes by Elisabeth Dahl. There is just one more thing to say before before we dive in to this month’s discussion and activities. The following post contains major plot points ( Spoilers ) for the book . If you want to read the book and haven’t yet, I suggest you wait to read this post until you have finished the book. Now, let’s dive into our discussion.


Book club discussion June 2020

My favorite part – My absolute favorite part of this book wasn’t just one part it was reading all of Genie’s blog posts. Her posts are scattered throughout the book. I really enjoyed reading them. I wish she was a real blogger so I could subscribe to her posts.

My least favorite part – My least favorite part was watching as Genie and her best friend Sarah slowly grew apart. Now, this is something that often happens in life especially at this age but it’s its still sad. I liked that it was written as happening slowly and naturally instead of being dramatic.

Other things I enjoyed about the book – I liked Genie’s school it was a private school. It’s seemed like a fun school to go to. I wan’t a fan of school as a kid but I wonder if I would have enjoyed going to this school. It sounded like they got good food everyday and I know I would have enjoyed that. I also know that I would have loved junk food lunch! I also liked how Genie was very creative when it came to her Halloween costume. I would never thought to be a house for Halloween!  One more thing I liked was how Genie and Sophie’s friendship developed.

Overall view of the book – I really enjoyed reading Genie’s story. It’s seemed at times that I was reading about a real 5th grader and her class. The book flowed really nicely and it was easy to read. I would highly recommend reading this book.


Dream journal – Genie and her class are given an assignment to keep dream journals for a week and to record their dreams for at least four nights. I tried keeping a dream journal once but I didn’t stick with it. I don’t remember most of my dreams but if you haven’t tried doing a dream journal before it might be a fun thing to try.

Wishes –  At the end of her blog posts Genie made a wish that went a long with the content of that post. In total she made 22 wishes in the book. I thought it would be fun to make 22 wishes of my own . Feel free to write your own wishes in the comments.

  1.  That one day I won’t have to worry about money
  2.  To Own my own house before I turn 40
  3.  That this summer continues to be fun
  4. That I get to go swimming soon
  5. That one day I’ll have my own swimming pool
  6. That my 30th birthday is a lot of fun
  7. That I will go full time at work soon
  8. To live in LA
  9. That I cross everything off my bucket list
  10.  That animals would start talking
  11.  That I get to go to Disney World again
  12. That they open a Five Below near me
  13. For my anxiety to go away and never come back
  14. That I start finding more Lisa Frank items when I go thrift shopping
  15. That money will never fall out of my pocket again ( or anything thing else that’s important )
  16. That I get to ride a carousel this summer
  17. That I get around to getting my hair cut soon. It’s getting long and crazy!
  18.  That I can get Coral’s leg fixed soon. ( One of my American Girl Doll’s leg fell off! )
  19. That can get a massage soon! ( My poor shoulders need it badly ! )
  20.  That I get a really awesome birthday cake this year
  21. That I get to go to a Five Below sometime this year !
  22. That  I never have to go back to school again!


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