February 2017 comfort zone buster

Hello my bucket list friends  . As you know each month I’m coming up with a different comfort zone buster . To help me complete my news years goal . This month I decide to go vegan . This is a comfort zone buster for me because even though I am a vegetarian so giving up meat is something that I did over four years ago, I still eat dairy pretty much every day. I’m going to tell you right now that I did not stay with this comfort zone buster for the whole month. after two weeks, I gave in and ate some chocolate but I’m going to tell you about the two weeks I spent being vegan.  On my first day of being vegan I started off the day with toast and almond butter. I was off to a good start and things didn’t seem so hard just a few changes like switching to a different brand of energy bar that did not have dairy and getting my veggie bowl at Chipotle without cheese. it was sometimes hard to say no to donuts and other treats but I stuck with it for two weeks until I gave in to chocolate. I would like to try being vegan again sometime because there are many wonderful vegan foods out there and shopping for vegan food is actually very easy. I just have to say that vegan ice cream is amazing! Also, some frozen yogurt places offer nondairy flavors so I was still able to enjoy creating my own frozen yogurt creation I think I will keep this challenge for next year. Rock on – Christina Epperly