The great Idaho adventure of October 2017

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’ve been meaning to write this post for a little while now, but I have either been too busy or too tired to get it done. Now, that I found the time here is the post all about my latest adventure but before I actually get in to the details, there is a little bit of a back story to all of this. Back in February my grandparents moved to Idaho but because I was in school I was not able to go see them until after I graduated on October 9th. They had lived close to us my whole life so having to get on a plane to see them was a first for me. Now without further delay here is the main post about my adventure.


My adventure started when I got off the airplane and saw my grandparents for the first time in eight months. it’s the longest time that I have ever gone without seeing them, it was great to see them again but as excited as I was there was someone who was much more excited than any of us and that was my grandparents dog Jewels. She was so excited to have my mom and I there and that made me even happier to be there. The next day was lots of fun my mom and I spent the day at Zoo Boise. I loved seeing all the animals and feeding the big Billy goat.  Over the next few days the adventures continued with trips to the Aquarium, the Goodwill, and a really awesome popcorn shop and as with most vacations there was some really good food involved. I really enjoyed my trip. One of my favorite things was getting to pet the bay rays at the aquarium. There was one ray that kept swimming up to us to get pets! It was so cute and made for a great memory and I just have to say the Goodwill we went to was stocked with plenty of treasures I got a great haul.  I’ll be going back up there again soon, and I know that Jewels can’t wait to see us again!     Rock on – Christina Epperly

Surprise Disneyland Trip

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’m so happy to tell you about my trip to Disneyland last week . As you can probably tell by the title of this post I had no idea that I was going to Disneyland. I thought that my mom and I were driving down to Oxnard to go to the Dallas Cowboys training camp, go to the beach and play mini golf. I was excited to go on a trip and take a break from work and school but I really wanted to go to Disneyland but since I’m only working part time right now , I could not afford to go. Little did I know my parents were going to give me the best birthday /graduation gift ever! The day we were leaving I opened the suitcase to pack for the trip. As I started to open the suit case I saw that there was some things inside . There was a note on top of some other things the note was written on Minnie Mouse  paper. The note on top read Surprise!! You’re going to…  I moved the first piece of paper and the one underneath simply read Disneyland!!! I was very surprised and overwhelmed with joy, I also found out that we were flying and that we would be there and we would be in Disneyland that Evening! After a quick flight and dropping our things off at the right hotel after accidently going to the wrong one first. My mom and I walked to Disneyland, I was so happy I could not believe that I was actually in Disneyland. My mom had gotten the new max pass for all three days of our trip so we could make fast pass reservations from her phone. The first day We got to go on some awesome rides including the Jungle cruise, Space Mountain, and It’s a small world  . We also had a very tasty dinner and I did some shopping. The next day we started off in Disneyland , we enjoyed some more rides and of course I did some more shopping  .One of my favorite  things that I bought was the classic mouse ear hat with my name  on it .We had a very delicious lunch before going over to Disney California adventure  to enjoy some wonderful rides  and  get some pictures taken by Disney’s photographers. I just have to say I love the new guardians of the galaxy ride the music is amazing and the whole ride is one big adventure . I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m happy they changed the theme of the ride   On the last day, We started at Disney California adventure. I had a great time riding the king triton carousel carousel, hiking on the redwood creek challenge trail, trying to get the best score I could on Toy story ride and getting my picture taken with Groot. After some time, back at the hotel I went back to Disneyland and I enjoyed watching  the Main Street electoral parade. I really enjoyed My summer 2017 Disneyland trip (I got to rode it’s a small world twice! ) I’m so thankful that I went to Disneyland this year!



Disney world Vacation 2016 and numbers 13,16,19 and 14

Hello bucket list friends! This is one blog post that I’m very excited to write ! Earlier this month some of dreams came true. I finally went to Disney world . I have been wanting to go for a very long time and I was so excited when I finally got there. My parents and I stayed at Disney’s port Orleans riverside resort. The first night in the hotel, I could not believe that I was finally there! The resort was simply beautiful. On the first night, we ate dinner at the food court at our hotel, before taking a ferry to Disney Springs. Disney Springs is a huge shopping and dining area. I went shopping at the world of Disney store, I love shopping at the World of Disney store at down town Disney in California, I was super excited to shop at the one in Disney Springs and it did not disappoint! I got some great souvenirs, day one was a success. Before I tell you about the list items I crossed off during my vacation take a look at some pictures from day one .



#16 Go to Disney’s Hollywood studious crossed off 12/5/2016

The day after we arrived in Disney world we went to our first park Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I knew that the park was undergoing a lot of construction but that there were still some great things to see and do there.  Our first ride of the day was the great movie ride . I recommend doing that one for sure. It was a lot of fun and a great way to start the day . My favorite ride of the whole park was rock n roller coaster not only is the ride about Aerosmith, it was a super fun and wild ride! My favorite show at Hollywood studios is the Little mermaid. Also the food and shopping were wonderful just as I had expected they would be . My first day in a park a Disney World was fabulous and I couldn’t wait to explore the other parks .



#19 Go to the Magic Kingdom crossed off 12/6/2016


The next park we went to was the magic kingdom I was excited to see the castle in person and to explore the park. I have been to Disneyland many times and this park is similar. it also has my favorite ride it’s a small world. I had a great time at this park even though it did rain really hard for a while and we had to go shopping for some new clothes. I really enjoyed the people mover ride and our lunch at the Liberty tree tavern. The seven-dwarf’s mine train was also a fun ride. This park is full of classic Disney magic and I can’t wait until I get the chance to explore it again.


#14 Go to Epcot crossed off 12/7/2016


I was very excited to visit this park because it is full of rides that there are not versions of in California. First off let me start by saying this park is huge! it is pretty amazing walking into Epcot for the first time and seeing spaceship earth in person is breath taking. There are some pretty awesome rides here my top five would be Test track, the gran fiesta tour, mission space, journey in to imagination with figment and living with the land at the end of the day I finally got a chance to go to club cool and try different sodas from all over the world including the infamous Beverly. I would love to spend some more time in this park someday, there is just so much to see and do here. If you get the chance to go to Disney World make sure to visit Epcot.







#13 Go to Disney’s animal kingdom crossed off 12/8/2016

This was the park I was the most excited to visit because I love animals. I was also super excited to see the tree of life I have seen many pictures of it and it is beautiful. It was really cool it finally see it in person.   The Kilimanjaro safari was my favorite I loved seeing the zebras and ostriches. My favorite show was festival of the Lion King because lion king is my favorite Disney movie. The Finding Nemo musical was also really awesome.  I also enjoyed Expedition Everest . Overall this park was really great!


Rock on Christina Epperly

New York adventures

Hello bucket list friends! I recently returned from an amazing trip to New York . I had never been to the east coast before and I’m glad that I was able to experience it.  The fist night that my mom, sister and I arrived in New York we decided to walk to Times Square after dinner and if I had to describe it with one word it would be crazy! It was amazing to see a place that I had seen on TV many times before but it was so hard to walk. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people in one place at once. It was worth seeing once but we didn’t want to go back there after we left. The next day we had a full day of activities ahead of us. We rode the subway for the first time it was fun except for it being so hot inside the stations.  We also went on a hop on hop off bus tour that came with free ear phones! After the bus tour we went on a walking tour of Wall Street. The tour was full of Historical facts and interesting information. We also got to see a lot of amazing things on the tour including the famous bull statue. The tour ended right by the 9/11 memorial. After exploring the outside of the memorial we decided to get some lunch before going into the museum.  For lunch we found a food court in a nearby mall. All three of us chose something different. That’s the best thing about food courts there is so many options. My favorite thing about lunch was this awesome cupcake I had. After lunch we went to the 9/11 museum. Going to the 9/11 museum was a very emotional experience.  Walking through the museum took me right back to that day, I was eleven years old when it happened. The museum was like a time portal taking you back to 2001. Everything was very well put together in the museum. After the museum we got to go to the top of the One world trade center.  The views of the city from the tower were simply amazing!  The second day was very busy and I was looking forward to more busy days ahead. On the third day went to Columbia University because my sister is interested in going there. The campus is so beautiful it was a fun place to explore. Next we went to the central park zoo. I love animals and I was very excited to go. We had a hard time finding the zoo but once we did I was not disappointed. First we ate lunch at the zoo restaurant before exploring the zoo.  The first thing was saw at the zoo was some colorful birds; then we explored the rainforest area. I loved seeing all the rainforest animals but it was even more humid in that area than it already was outside so after a while I was ready to explore other parts of the zoo.  I really enjoyed watching the bears; there was one bear that was trying to avoid the water. It was interesting to watcher her climb around the water areas. My favorite animals that I saw were the penguins they were so fun to watch. They were very active swimming and jumping into the water. The air conditioned viewing area was also a great place to relax and cool down.  On our way out of the zoo we saw a seal it jumped up on the edge of the pool; it was awesome being that close to a seal. I stopped by the gift shop and got some fun souvenirs. I had a great time at the zoo. That night we went to Rockefeller center and we got some amazing Ben and Jerrys ice cream before going to the top of the Rock. It was a great day and the next day also had a lot of fun to offer.  The next day started off with a bus tour call the Ride. The Ride is a really fun tour where there are performers on the sidewalk waiting for the bus to come by. It is a very entertaining tour and I would do it again. After the Ride it was time for some fancy New York food. Then came time for something that I was very excited about, The Lion King on Broadway! When I was a kid I became a big fan of the Lion King and I still love the movie today.  The Musical version was simply amazing! It the whole play was put together wonderfully and it was everything I thought it would be and more. I highly recommend this play.  We went on a very informative tour of Rockefeller Center to finish our day.  The next day we set off to see the statue of liberty. We decided to take a subway but because it was the weekend the schedules were different so we ended up in Brooklyn but after we called an Uber car we were on our way.  We took a ferry then after a short ride we were there. It was pretty amazing to see something in person that I had seen so many pictures of before. We did not have to special tickets so we could not go inside but we got a really good look at the statue. I got some really great pictures and I had a really great time there. We also went to Ellis Island and we explored the museum of immigration.   We took the ferry back then we went to explore Madame Tussauds wax museum.  I had a good time taking pictures with wax figures of celebrities. All the areas were fun to walk though we had a fun time there.  Our next stop was John’s pizzeria for some amazing New York pizza! We had one more thing to do before heading back to the hotel. We went to go explore the famous Empire state building! I just couldn’t get enough views of the beautiful city!   The next day was our last day in New York.  First we decided to get breakfast at  Ess-A-Bagel The line was out the door ! It was a long wait but the food was pretty great! After our breakfast we went to explore the metropolitan museum of art. It was so huge and there was so much to see . It was hard to get in at first because there were so many people but once we were able to walk around it was simply beautiful . We were not able to see everything because we did not have time but I’m glad we got to go see some of it .  After the museum we went on a tour of radio city music hall . Radio City music hall was so beautiful and it has so much history I highly recommend taking the tour.  After the tour it was time for some yummy ice cream and visit to ST. Patrick’s Cathedral. The Cathedral is beautiful inside and out. We finished our last day with dinner at T.G.I Fridays. My trip to New York was amazing! I hope I can go back someday.





Rock on – Christina Epperly


San Diego vacation and numbers 12 and 25


Hello my bucket list friends! I’m very excited about this blog post because I finally crossed off some more items and I can’t wait to tell you all about them!  I just got back from a very fun vacation to San Diego. I had never been to San Diego before and I was very excited to go someplace new.  My mom and I took an early flight to San Diego so that meant that we would have plenty of time for fun even on our first day.  The view from our hotel room was beautiful and I could not  wait to start exploring the amazing city that I could see from the window. That very first day we took a tour of the Midway, It was very exciting to explore the huge ship. We took an audio tour so we got to learn a lot about the ship as we explored it. I learned a bunch of interesting information about the Midway. I had really  great time exploring the Midway .On day two I crossed off number 12 go to the San Diego zoo I will write more about that below. Day three I went to the safari park I had a great time looking at a bunch of different animals including tigers, birds and lions. I also got to ride the carousel in the safari park. It was a great day it was a hot day but a great day. On day four I went to Balboa Park and I have to say it really is an amazing place; Balboa Park has a ton of amazing museums. My mom and I visited that Natural history museum. I had a great time looking at all the displays but my favorite part was watching a 3D movie about whales it felt like you were swimming with them!  I also got to ride the carousel in Balboa park .That night we went to dinner and saw the movie Nerve.  It was a great day and there was more fun to come! On day 5 I crossed off number 25 go to LEGOLAND I will write more about that below. Day 6 was the last day before we went back home. We took a ferry to Coronado Island. I had a great time on the beach the water was nice not cold like the beaches I’m used to. We also took a free bus around town. That night I rode the Seaport Village carousel it was great way to end an amazing vacation. Now let me tell you about the items I crossed off my list .