Bucket List Survey number 2 – lists of 3

Hello my bucket list friends ! I hope you are all having a wonderful spring. I thought that it would be fun to answer some questions about my bucket list. I did one of these before you can read it HERE . This time all off the questions are answered in lists of three.

  1. Favorite three List items that I have crossed off so far –

Make a Disney bear at the downtown Disney build a bear , Go to Epcot  ,Get a small tattoo that means a lot .

  1. Three items I plan to cross off soon –

Finish an entire coloring book, get some Lisa Frank clothes , go paddle boarding

  1. Three items that I worry I will never cross of my list

Hug John Cena, learn fluent German, Run a marathon

  1. Three people that have helped me cross off list items

My mom, my dad, Amanda.

  1. three items other people may be surprised that I have on my list

Drive a Ferrari, drive a monster truck, attend a rave.


  1. Three travel items that I have not crossed off yet

Go to Las Vegas, go on a spontaneous road trip, fly first class

  1. Three travel items that I have crossed off

Go to Disney’s animal kingdom, Go to Disneyland at Christmas time, Go to the San Diego zoo

  1. three items that will probably not be crossed off for at least a few years

Move out on my own , volunteer at an animal shelter, Volunteer at a kids hospital

  1. Three items I’m scared to cross off

Get my driver’s license, make an important choice with a coin toss, Try standup comedy


  1. Three items I’m excited to cross off

Go to the mall of America, throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands, be in a music video

Rock on – Christina Epperly