Springtime thoughts

Hello,my bucket list friends! Happy spring! I’m so excited that summer is just right around the corner. However spring is my second favorite season. I’m loving the sunny days. Anyways I thought it would be fun to share the springtime adventures that I’ve had so far with all of you here we go!

Easter was awesome ! – I had a great Easter this year. I got to help out with the egg hunt at my church. I had a fun time hiding the eggs and I got to participate in the egg hunt as well. After church we went to my cousin’s house. And I got to do another egg hunt there too. We also did an egg and spoon race. It was a great day with some great people.

I went to a Goodwill that I’d never been to before. – while running some errands in an area I don’t visit often, I saw a Goodwill that I hadn’t seen before. The next day after work I went to check it out. It was smaller then the one I have been going to. However it was full of a lot of treasures. I got three more Beanie Babies to add to my collection, a Barbie closet to help me store my doll clothes, a Lion King picture frame, four puzzles in one box,two books and some clothes. My mom found a lot of clothes that she liked. It was a very successful thrift shopping trip.

I went to the Dollar Tree last weekend – I went shopping at Dollar tree last Saturday and I got some really great items including playdough,socks, some toys, and a bunch of other awesome things. Dollar Tree will always be one of my favorite places.

Last night’s dinner – yesterday I went to dinner with my family and my cousin. my cousin showed us a restaurant that we had never been to before. It was really good I had some amazing veggie pizza.

Thanks for reading! I’m excited to see what the rest of spring brings but I’m especially excited for summer!

Rock On – Christina Epperly

Spring Time arts and crafts !

Hello, my bucket list friends and happy Spring! I decided to celebrate spring by doing some spring themed arts and craft kits. I can’t wait to tell more about it so here we go!


Spring Time arts and crafts !

For this post I got three spring themed arts and craft kits. The first art kit I did was a paddle ball game with a spring picture on the paddle for you to color. I loved how the design said yay spring on it because yay is one of my favorite words. I enjoyed coloring the flower with the three markers that came with the paddle. I also added some dots to add a little extra creativity to this art kit.

The next kit I did was a bunny shaped puzzle that came with three markers to color the puzzle. My favorite part of the kit was coloring the ears. I came up with a different color pattern for each ear.  I have not taken the puzzle out of the frame and built it yet but I plan to soon.

The third kit was a yarn craft. For this craft kit you used the pink balls of yarn and other pieces to make two very cute yarn bunnies. I did not see any instructions that came with the kit . I deiced to use hot glue to put all the pieces together. I’m happy with the way the yarn bunnies turned out !


There you have it my experience with some pretty cool arts and craft kits! Rock On – Christina Epperly

Spring cleaning 2019

Hello, my bucket list friends ! I just did a big springtime clean out and I’m excited to tell you all about it ! Here we go !


Spring cleaning 2019

I’t’s no secret that I love to shop and collect things but every once in a while it’s good to go through things and donate the things that you don’t want anymore. I probably don’t clean out as much as I should but out of the blue I got this strange urge to go through my books and donate the ones I didn’t want anymore. I took all my books and notebooks down from my closet and I went through them. I found many books that I had started reading and lost interest in so I donated them and hopped that someone who really wanted to read them would get them. After going through my books I began to go through other items. Last year I bought these huge boxes of My Little Pony toys from Ebay. ( You can read about it HERE) I did get a lot of cool toys from those boxes but I also doubles or even more of the same toy. There were also other toys that had been damaged from being played with . I went through the ponies and I donated the ones that I didn’t want to keep. I also went through my clothes and I got rid of things that didn’t fit me anymore as well as things I just didn’t enjoy wearing. I was on a roll I went though pretty much every area of my room donating things that I thought that other people would enjoy more then me. While I was cleaning I looked up at my DVD’s and I saw a movie that I really didn’t like anymore so with out hesitation I put it in the donation bag. It felt great to get rid of things that I didn’t want anymore. Doing a big clean out had a positive impact on my mental health. Things didn’t feel as out of control as before plus I knew I was going to being helping others by donating my items. Now, don’t get me wrong I still love to shop and collect but I also love to clean out and help others.

Rock on – Christina Epperly