The debt I don’t regret

Hello, my bucket list friends ! As some of you know I’ve been om quite a few adventures during the past few years and I’ve crossed off a bunch of list items . It is no secret that traveling , amusement park tickets and attending events such as WrestleMania does not come cheap . Like many I turned to credit cards to help me cover the cost of having fun and day-to-day life as well . Here I am and 27 years old with a lot of debt including student loans . Some people would think that I regret  all that spending and travel but the truth is I really don’t  and I’m about to tell you why .



Why I don’t regret my debt

Before I get into why I don’t regret getting in to all the debt I’m in ,let me say this . I’m not encouraging anyone to spend the way I did . I’m also not saying that getting multiple credit card and spending money you don’t have is the best idea in the world but I’m saying that for me it was well worth it.

The main reason of why all my debt is worth it to me is because I have gotten to travel and do many fun and exciting things in the past five years or so then I  have ever done before . That is including but not limited to going to Disney World,  going to Disneyland at Christmas time , Going to Arizona for a weekend going to New York , going to San Diego ,going to WrestleMania and there is no way I can for get all the amazing concerts I’ve gone to . I’ve made memories that will last a life time !  I have seen and done so many fun things . I smile when I think about all the adventures that I have had  and  just thinking about all those good times is a great way to relive stress .I have also built up some fun collections like my snow globe and my My Little Pony collection . I made the choice that I didn’t want to wait untill I was retired to start  traveling and living life to the fullest and I’m glad that I didn’t wait . Now don’t get me wrong all the bills are stressful but the stress I feel now is worth all the fun I had then . I’m still going to be doing some fun things including traveling but I am going to be slowing down a lot with the spending . I have already started building up my saving account and as soon as I pass the Mblex I will be able to work as a massage therapist. After that I will be paying more money towards my credit cards . I know that now is the time to slow down , because let’s face it  I’m getting toward the end of my 20’s and I’ve always wanted to own my own house 🙂


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