Life after massage school

Hello, my bucket list friends! It’s been one week since I finished school and I have to say it’s always a little strange when something that you have been doing for a while ends. For the past year of my life I’ve been going to school three days a week and working hard to keep up with the out of class work and then last week it was all over. The day after graduation felt strange I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I scheduled a date to take my certification exam. and started applying to 2nd jobs in the meantime.  It feels so weird that I don’t have to go to school anymore and I miss my classmates and teachers but the free time is great. I had my first free Saturday in a long time and I used it to check out a pumpkin farm with my mom and I’m so happy I did, not only did I pick out the perfect pumpkin I got to go on a train ride and a hay ride. We also got to walk through a corn maze. It was a truly wonderful day. Even though transitions can be hard for me, I can’t wait to see the things the post-graduation life has to offer. I also can’t wait until I officially start working as a massage therapist. Rock on – Christina Epperly

Graduation OCT. 2017

Hello, Bucket list friends! Last night I graduated From NHI after finishing a one-year program. I’m always surprised at how fast things go by. Last night I could not believe that it was happening. My one-year journey at, massage school was coming to an end. It was a truly wonderful journey that was full of growth. Graduation day was filled with emotion. I felt a wide range of emotions happiness, sadness, pride, thankfulness and excitement. The graduation ceremony was simply beautiful the decorations that were brought by the other members of our group were off the chart! I was so proud of myself during the ceremony I had truly come a long way. I was Also so thankful for everyone who had helped me get to that point.  Last night was wonderful. After the graduation I went out to eat with some of the people I love most.  I’m so glad that I chose massage therapy and NHI . I’m excited and prepared to begin a wonderful career as a massage therapist as soon as I pass the Mblex (certificate exam ) that is . The thing that I learned the most from all this was never be afraid to try new things and to never underestimate yourself. I’m so blessed and thankful to God, my family ,friends and group 37 for helping me in being able to  complete this awesome but challenging program. Rock on – christina Epperly

#215 get some Lisa Frank clothes

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’m very excited to tell all of you that I crossed off my first bucket list item of 2017. I can’t wait to tell you all about it so let’s get going.


Recently I add ten items to my bucket list and getting Lisa Frank clothes was one of them. I was born in 1990 so needless to say Lisa frank was a big part of my childhood but even as an adult I love Lisa Frank .When I saw that Rage On had Lisa frank clothes I really wanted to get some, I was low on money  I added it to my bucket list so I wouldn’t forget about it. Soon after I added number 215 to the list I started getting more hours at work and I could afford to get some of those colorful Lisa Frank clothes. I got two shirts and I love them both! They are so beautiful and colorful . I’m glad I crossed another item off my list and I can’t wait to cross off more list items.

Christina the bee


Hello my bucket list friends! it feels like it has been way too long since I have written a blog post.  With work, school, family, friends and other commitments it seems like I don’t have much time to breath anymore!  I do like being busy though because being board is way worse than being busy as a bee. I really do feel like bee buzzing around from place to place with a lot to do.  I’m going to be honest even though it is better than being board it can it drive me crazy at times because I don’t have time to do things I enjoy like this blog. It’s crazy how busy I am sometimes but I’m thankful for all the opportunities that God has given me. I’m doing my best to take it one day at a time. I have plans to cross off a few list items soon and I can’t wait to write all about them. I hope all of you are working hard to make your dreams come true! Rock on – Christina Epperly

Back to school I go


Hello Bucket list friends. In my last blog post I talked about how I’m making a career change and starting massage school . I thought I would give all of you an update on how everything is going. First things first, as you might have already guessed I have not crossed anything new off my list in a while. My life has been very busy between work and school. I like being busy but the downside is I haven’t had much downtime. The good news is that so far there have been more ups then downs in my new chapter.  It is a little bit strange being back in school because I was sure that when I completed the early childhood education program at the community college I attended that I would not be going back to school . So far it has been both fun and difficult to learn something completely new. It’s good thing I have an amazing class mentor as well as a class full of great people who I’m excited to spend my school experience with. This school is unlike any other that I have ever been too. All the teachers are very supportive and you can tell they do care about you and want you to succeed. When I’m at school it doesn’t feel like school it feels more like a massage camp where everyone is working together to learn and prepare themselves for feature careers in massage therapy. Time is already flying by so fast and I’ve learned a lot in such a short amount of time. I’m very happy with my decision to make a career change and to start massage therapy school.  20161017_201406