My biggest regret and my Comfort zone buster update

Hello, my bucket list friends I hope you are all having a fun filled summer. First off, I would like to say that I’m going to be continuing my June comfort zone buster of writing more personal blogs post and making more personal vlogs into July and August! I hope you all enjoyed my OCD blog post and my post about success  but I have many more stories to tell so I’m going to make this comfort zone buster last into the summer . For this personal blog post I will be writing about my biggest regret in life as well as my view about regrets in general so buckle up hold on tight and here we go!


My biggest regret is Not taking a gap year after high school

High school is a funny thing, I mean think about it , you have spent at least 12 years of your life always being told what you can do and when you can do it. Something as basic as needing to use the bathroom or eating had to be done during a certain time or you had to ask permission. Your whole day was planned for you everything from when you were going to wake up to where you were going to go and what you were going to do while you were there. For the most part, you were not allowed to spend time doing the things that you enjoyed. Even if you enjoyed reading and writing you were usually told what to read and what to write about. You spent your whole childhood basically having very little choices. Then here you are at 18 years old and you’re expected to make a choice about what you want to do with the rest of your life .I think gap years are one of the most underrated things in a young person’s life. Taking time to explore the world and figure out what you are passionate about is very beneficial to yourself as a person and your life as a whole. I wish I would have taken at least a year to get to know myself better instead of jumping  into community college right away and going right back to the cycle of classes, homework and tests. If I would have taken a gap year I would have gained more life skills. I might even be better at budgeting my money now. Who knows what I could have done during that time.  I really regret not taking a year to discover more about the world and myself.



One things that I have noticed about regrets is that most people regret the things in life that they didn’t do. Everyone has dreams but often those dreams get lost and we forget to follow them. I believe that it is very important to chase your dreams and make the very best of your life . Rock on – christina Epperly 20170207_203624