Pretty pez dispensers and even more Kinder Joy eggs!

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I know that it is now the middle of the week, but I now have the time and energy to share what I did last weekend. So without any more delay let’s get to it.

Friday – on this day, I worked the opening shift. Before work, I went to Starbucks to get my fuel for the day. It was a cold and gloomy day. However, my highlight was going to Safeway after work. I got a large cupcake that had three butterfly shaped rings on top! I also got three more Easter themed Kinder Joy eggs! The toys that they come with have been super cute so far! Getting Kinder Joy eggs is always a good way to start the weekend.

Saturday – I also had work on this day, but I worked the closing shift. Before work, I went to CVS. I was excited to go here because last time I was here, I saw that they had a bunch of very pretty Easter themed Pez dispensers! I picked out three pez dispensers. One is a bunny, one is a yellow chick, and the last one is a blue peeps chick! In addition to my pez dispensers, I got a Jelly Belly sparkling water and a Peeps bunny flashlight! After my shopping trip, it was time to go to Starbucks and get coffee before going to work. Work went well, and after work, I went to a game night at a neighbor’s house. While I was there, I got to hug one of my favorite dogs. It was a good day.

Sunday – On Sunday, I had the day off it was raining almost all day. I stayed home for most of the day, but I did get out in the evening. I went to Starbucks, and then I went on a walk in the park with my mom and the dog we were watching. It was not raining very hard, and the dog really needed to walk. It was a nice walk because except for one other person we had the park to ourselves. It makes me want to go to the park more often on rainy days. After our walk, I went to Trader Joes, and I got some everyday food items, but my highlight was getting a tin of ginger mints. I love cinnamon mints the most, but I didn’t see them there, so I went for the ginger mints. I have had them before and I liked them a lot. I’ve already been enjoying them this week. This weekend was pretty normal but also pretty good.

Thanks for reading!

Rock on -Christina Epperly

The rain makes sleepy and other random thoughts

Hello, My bucket list friends ! So I really wanted to write a blog post but I couldn’t really think of anything to write about so I’m just going to write about whatever random thoughts are in my head ! Here we go !

Friday 1/2/2019

The rain makes sleepy and other random thoughts

The rain makes me sleepy – I know we need the rain but it does affect my mood . It makes me want to stay in bed all day . It also makes me grumpy because I can’t stay in bed all day and I have to be out it in . It also makes me grumpy when it makes me change my plans . I guess I don’t have a very good relationship with rain.


I wonder if my cat knows he’s hurting me when he attacks my foot

My cat Cooper likes to sleep in my bed he also likes to attack my foot when it moves when he is on my bed . I yell at him every time he does it but I wonder if he even knows that it’s my foot he is grabbing. If he does know that it is my foot does he know that it hurts me ? So many questions and not enough answers for this random thought.


Will I ever get to live my dream of being on TV

I’ve wanted to be on TV for a very long time . Even if it was just walking past a news camera but it’s never happened .  It is something that I have always day dreamed about but I know it’s so many other’s dream too . So I worry that it will never become a reality but I’ve made so many of my other dreams come true so why not this one ? I should probably stop doubting myself and take another trip down to LA and see what I can do ! I think I would be great on a game show .

Saturday 1/2/2019


Starbucks coffee is great on any day but especially rainy ones – I’m glad I got out of the house today and got some tasty coffee from Starbucks . I love it even in the summer but there is just something perfect about having coffee on a rainy gloomy day .

It was to rainy to walk but I still got my steps in – My mom and I were going to go walking today but with the rain switching on and off so fast, We knew that we would probably get caught in the rain and get soaking wet ! So that didn’t happen but I was still able get my steps for the day in !

I hope you enjoyed my random thoughts !

Rock on ! – Christina Epperly